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Fueling for the Marathon

Ask 100 marathoners how they fuel and you’ll get 100 different answers. It seems that marathon fueling is so individual that it simply takes lots of trial and error in training and tune-up races to find the strategy that works best for you. After working with thousands of marathoners from charity marathon groups to Boston…
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marathon pacing

McMillan Marathon Pacing Webinar

  I’m happy to share this exclusive webinar that I did for my Run Team members to give you a taste of what you’ll enjoy in Run Team. In this video, I discuss the best pacing strategies for the half-marathon and marathon. Nail your pacing and you’ll race better. Period. SPECIAL OFFER TRY MCMILLAN TRAINING FOR FREE…
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Carbohydrate Periodization for Better Performance

Carbohydrate manipulation across your training cycle is one of the simplest nutritional strategies to boost physical and mental fitness. For over 20 years, I’ve used this strategy on myself as well as with many of the athletes I coach and have had great success. In a nutshell, you supplement with carbohydrate before and during long…
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5 WAYS TO RECON YOUR RACES It had been 10 years since I ran the local race series but I was excited to pin on the bib number and challenge myself. The series featured 7 (mostly trail) races of distances as short as one mile and as long as a half-marathon. As the first race…
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After coaching so many runners – from new runners just getting started to Olympians and every thing in between – you start to see patterns and tendencies. Patterns of successful runners and tendencies of those that fail to hit their goal. In coaching, my #1 job is to help runners avoid the tendencies that keep…
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