How does a Personal Running Coach work?

It couldn’t be simpler. No contracts. No set up fees. Stay for 1 month or 10 years. We’re just here to help you in any way you need. Never train alone again. You’re joining one of the most successful teams on the planet. And this premier service gives you access to everything McMillan – Prehab routines and all McMillan Run Team exclusives. You’re just one click way from getting started.

Select your coach below and after sign-up you will receive an email with our athlete questionnaire with detailed questions about YOUR training and racing history, life, schedule and goals. Simply email that back to us. We’ll then set up a call with you to discuss what we find and then we’ll craft a truly individualized training plan based on your answers. You, then, are off and running (literally).

Provide feedback to your coach throughout the program via email, phone, text, Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp or Skype on an unlimited basis. Let us know the results of each key workout, race, any issues, family commitments, etc. This allows us to make any necessary adjustments to the training schedule and we can chat anytime you like. We’re always here for you.


Included with every Personal Coaching plan:

  • Individualized Training Plan
  • Upload the plan to your smartwatch
  • McMillan Training Manual
  • McMillan Race Strategy Guide
  • Personal Online Running Coach
  • Individualized race strategy sessions
  • Unlimited emails, calls, text, Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype
  • Expert advice on cross training & injury prevention

Select Your Coach

Greg McMillan

Working successfully with new runners, age groupers, Boston qualifiers, National champions and Olympians, I use my experience to build (and then adapt as needed) the best training plan for you. In addition, we work together to dial in the training based on your training results, life schedule and upcoming races. I appreciate the effort and sacrifice it takes to chase your running goals so I put the same effort into coaching you. From our regular chats to dialing in your nutrition, running form, mental performance mindset and injury prevention, my goal is to help you have a long and fulfilling running career. Read Greg’s bio.

$399 per month

Lessons from an Olympic Runner

Andrew Lemoncello

My coaching philosophy and style comes from my many years of running as a professional runner, time spent with world-class coaches and being deeply involved with running communities all over the world. I studied sports physiology and psychology and I apply those learnings to help runners level up and I thrive on interaction as it drives me to delve into the nuances of your workouts. It also enables me to continually fine-tune your training in harmony with your evolving fitness level. I love to take the stress and complexity out of programing your own training so that you can enjoy your running to the fullest. If you’re prepared to focus on your goal then I’m here for you! Read Andrew’s Bio.

$199 per month

Jonny Wilson

I love working with highly motivated individuals on their journey to passionately strive for a big goal. Now with over a decade of experience assisting hundreds of runners of all ages and abilities, I’ve discovered running really reflects life and keys to being successful come down to patience, having a clear purpose each day, maintaining a long-term view, embracing the daily grind, prioritizing the ‘one percenters’ outside of running, enjoying the process, and keeping training fun. I seek to instill this regularly in my athletes and encourage them to provide me daily feedback to allow them to stay healthier, improve mental freshness, and be more consistent so they may continue to develop and experience positive results beyond the current training plan, ultimately leading to great longevity in the sport. I’m excited to connect and collaborate soon to begin helping you with your health, fitness, and running goals en route to reaching the next level! Read Jonny’s Bio.

$199 per month

Annika Braun

I am passionate about helping people reach their running goals through hard work, consistency, and smart training. I believe in the simplicity of putting in the work and doing the little things like nutrition, core stability, and recovery to help propel one to the next level. I enjoy implementing the knowledge I have gained throughout my own running experiences, my background in exercise science, and the experience I have gained as a McMillan coach. Though I work with all runners of experience and age, I particularly find passion in helping mothers return to form post pregnancy as well as high school aged athletes find new heights of success as they learn to love training and pushing themselves. Let’s have some fun and go after some goals that excite you! Read Annika’s Bio.

$199 per month

Katie McGee

Coaching marries my passions, running and working with goal-driven people. I’ve had the privilege to coach runners of all ages and abilities and the striking commonality is a commitment to making goals realities. Whether it be qualifying for Boston, or running a 5k without walking, it takes incredible courage to embark on a journey to do something that excites and even scares you. I’ve witnessed athletes do incredible things from humble beginnings, comeback stronger from debilitating injuries, and transcend tragic circumstances to achieve new heights in performance. When a runner trusts me to train them, to be their sounding board, to help them manage the delicate balance between life and running, that trust is sacred to me. I love coaching because it connects me with people of the same cadence, people who never count themselves out, or think it’s too late to dream big. If you are still curious about what’s possible and you’re determined to make it happen, hire me! Read Katie’s Bio.

$199 per month

James Bonnett

Hi everyone! My name is James Bonnett. I’ve been professionally coaching since 2010. In the past, I ran at an elite level for both The North Face and Adidas. I specialize in training clients in ultramarathon trail races, but also have an abundance of experience coaching athletes from the 800 meter through 250 mile distances. I have run since the age of 4, and have experience working with youth athletes. For example, I helped to develop the cross country program at my local high school, a team that became state champions. A few of my stand out athletes whom I have coached include Jim Walmsley who holds the record for Western states 100 Mile and Nick Coury who set the 24 hour American record. I have had countless of other clients reach their PR’s across all distances. I am highly motivated as a coach and it brings me joy to watch my athletes reach their running goals. Read James’ Bio.

$199 per month

Melody K. Bartlett

I began coaching in 2008 as an assistant coach for my high school alma mater’s cross-country program. Over the past decade, I have spearheaded a successful cross-country program as the head coach at Montgomery High School in northern California. I have been privileged to pair this with coaching athletes of all ages and distances through McMillan Running, and have enjoyed celebrating their accomplishments with them as we have reached their goals together. I would love to help you reach your own athletic goals, whether it be a faster 5K or a BQ.

  • McMillan Certified Running Coach
  • High School XC & Track Coach for (15) years
  • Fleet Feet Training Group Coach (5k-13.1)
  • (2) California State (CIF) DIII Champions, (4) CIF All-State DIII individuals, (15) CIF State Individual Qualifiers, (1) CIF State Qualifying Team
  • (1) California State (CIF) 3200m Champion
  • Signed (18) athletes to collegiate scholarships
  • Specializes in 5K and track distance (800m/1600m/3200m) coaching
  • Multiple Boston Marathon Qualifiers

$199 per month

Angela Tieri

I am a certified personal trainer and run coach, specializing in run-specific strength training, prehab, and helping injured runners get back to the sport we love. I also specialize in working with female athletes, in particular during pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause. I’ve been coaching athletes in everything from the 5K up to 100 mile ultramarathons for over 10 years. My training philosophy takes a holistic approach, tailoring the program to your individual goals and life circumstances, and adapting as things come up. Whether your goal is to BQ, run a mountainous ultra, or complete your first race after having a baby, I would be honored to be a part of that journey with you. Read Angela’s Bio.

$199 per month


Included with every Personal Coaching plan:

  • Individualized training plan
  • McMillan Training Manual
  • McMillan Race Strategy Guide
  • Personal Online Running Coach
  • Individualized race strategy sessions
  • Unlimited emails, calls, text, Zoom, Skype
  • Expert advice on cross training & injury prevention

What other coaching plans give you unlimited contact with your very own Personal Running Coach?

With Personal Online Coaching, you have UNLIMITED contact with your McMillan running coach. The coach/athlete relationship is vital in terms of being able to adjust a schedule as things get in the way… which they sometimes do. If you need someone to adjust your program based on your results, keep you motivated and help strategize your race plan, then Personal Online Coaching is for you. We coach athletes for any distance from 800 meters to 100 miles.

McMillan Coaching Philosophy

We believe a customized program is better than a generic program.

We believe a coach is a trusted partner in your quest to be better.

We believe all runners deserve the same personal attention and expert advice that the world’s best runners receive.

Meet Some Athletes

Elizabeth C.

“I had been doing the same workouts for years, and had plateaued. Having new challenges each week keeps things fresh, and I love the feeling of completing a workout that looked difficult, or even intimidating, on paper. My coach is extremely supportive and has helped me stay strong and injury-free for over a year. I’m enjoying training more than I ever have before because I’m continually presented with new, challenging workouts and getting the satisfaction of completing them, as well as dropping my race times.”

Alec N.

When we first met Alec at running camp, his biggest question was how he could train for a marathon and still run fast over shorter distances. He signed up for coaching soon after and we set out to make Alec’s goals possible. We’ve been so excited to see the incredible strides that he’s made in the short time he’s been training with us. Check out his before and after PRs!

5k: 18:47 to 16:40
10k: 40:41 to 35:12

Half: 1:34:31 to 1:19:34
Full: 3:29:58 to 2:54:25 (WOW!)

George S.

“The biggest value to me of the coaching process is the discipline that comes from having a specific run at a specific pace assigned for a specific day. And, while I am running I feel that my coach is there with me and I owe it to him to do the work. That motivates me. I give fairly detailed training reports and they’ve been great in giving me real-time feedback, motivation, and encouragement. The coaching goes way beyond just a spreadsheet, and the relationship I have built is extremely important.”

Keith R.

“Over the past two years, my marathon times have steadily increased. My goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon seemed more like a dream than reality. At the urging of a friend, I signed up with your program in April of 2015. With your guidance, I was finally able to achieve my goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon on January 17 at the Houston Marathon with a time of 3:34:48, beating my previous personal record by 16 minutes. Thanks to your coaching and your program I ran the perfect race!”

personal running coach


Yes! And, this begins with our initial call or video chat session where we get to know you. We believe the coach/athlete relationship revolves around great communication so you have UNLIMITED contact with your very own personal coach. Call, email, text, Skype, FaceTime, fax (well not fax anymore) but pretty much any way you want to communicate, we’re here for you.

Should life get in the way and for whatever reason you need to pause your coaching, just let us know. We’ll put your coaching “on hold” and stop payments. Because our coaching roster fills up from time to time, we’ll also save a spot for you for when you return.

After sign-up you will receive an email with our athlete questionnaire with detailed questions about YOUR training and racing history, life, schedule and goals. Simply email that back to us. We’ll then set up a call with you to discuss what we find and then we’ll craft a truly individualized training plan based on your answers. You, then, are off and running (literally).

You bet! We work with runners at the back, middle and front of the pack. Our only criteria is determination. If you are goal-oriented and determined to reach your goals then we’re here to help, no matter what your pace.

You bet! Any distance between 50K and 100 miles.

Yes and no. We are happy to help multi-sport athletes with their running. However, we only help with your running. If you want a full program with all sports, then we recommend you work with a multi-sport specific coach. We will, of course, schedule the training taking into account your other activities but feel we aren’t qualified to provide cycling and swimming workouts.

Coaching is paid monthly via automatic renewal so once you sign up, it’s smooth sailing.

Yes! With McMillan Run Coaching, there are no term restrictions. If you have a big race coming up and just want coaching for 1-2 months, no problem. We have athletes who have been with us for nearly a decade and others that join us for a month or two at a time. Ultimately, it’s whatever you need. We’re here for you.

With McMillan Run Team Coaching, you get a coach experienced with working with new runners, age group athletes and even elite runners. No matter where you are in your running career, McMillan Run Team Coaching is a perfect fit.

Have a question? We’re here to help.