Runner's Core Routine

Welcome to Greg's best-selling core training routine. Time to get runner strong!

McMillan Runner's Core Routine

Below are your core training workouts. They are broken into three stages and you should complete them in order. I’ve provided my video of each exercise in each routine. Watch the first, then I’ve included the exercise list along with the sets/reps/weight for each routine. I’ve also provided follow along workouts (3 for each stage) so you can workout with me and progress optimally across each stage.

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Coach Greg's Instructions


Runner's Core Routine Stage 1

ExerciseStart withProgress to
Front Plank3 x 10 seconds3 x 45 seconds
Side Plank3 x 10 seconds3 x 45 seconds
Leg Lowering10 repetitions20 repetitions
Metronome5 repetitions15 repetitions
Sit-up with a Twist5 repetitions25 repetitions
Jane Fonda10 repetitions25 repetitions
Balance Ball5 seconds15 seconds

Coach’s Notes: Start with Stage 1 and do this routine 2-3 times per week for 4-8 weeks. Then, advance to Stage 2. Begin by doing this routine after your runs/workouts so you stack the stress on one day and then the following day offers more recovery.

Follow Along Workouts for Stage 1

Start with this follow along workout.

After 4-6 workouts, move to this workout.

Use this for your last 4-6 workouts.

Runner's Core Routine Stage 2

ExerciseStart withProgress to
Front Plank with Leg Movements10 repetitions10 | 10 | 10 Set
Side Plank with Leg Movements10 repetitions10 | 10 | 10 Set
Scissor Kick2 x 10 repetitions3 x 20 repetitions
Metronome15 repetitions25 repetitions
Back Extension2 x 10 repetitions2 x 25 repetitions
Bicycle Crunch10 repetitions25 repetitions
Modified Jane Fonda10 repetitions20 repetitions
Good Mornings10 repetitions25 repetitions

Runner's Core Routine Stage 3

ExerciseStart withProgress to
Rolling Plank with Leg Movements30 second holds20 repetitions
Scissor Kicks2 x 10 seconds3 x 20 seconds
Bridge10 repetitions20 repetitions
Metronome15 repetitions25 repetitions
Prone Superman10 repetitions10 | 10 | 10 set
Cross Crunch10 repetitions20 repetitions
Modified Jane Fonda10 repetitions20 repetitions
Reverse Sit-up10 repetitions20 repetitions
Donkey Kicks10 repetitions10 | 10 | 10 set
Roll-up10 repetitions20 repetitions


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