McMillan Run Coach
Certification Program

The McMillan Running Team is excited and honored to provide our very own and unique Run Coach Certification Program. The McMillan Coach Certification program offers the chance to learn from one of the most respected and successful coaches on the planet.

You’ll learn directly from nationally recognized Coach Greg McMillan as he walks you through the process he uses to coach runners from beginners to Olympians.

Offered as an online course, you can progress at your own pace 24/7/365. At the end of the course, you are awarded the exclusive McMillan Certified Coach designation and access to the ongoing McMillan coaching community. Sign up below to get get started today.

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The Fastest Growing Coach Education Program in the World!

Coach Certification Program

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to hours of Greg McMillan’s experience and lessons
  • Industry leading certification program
  • 100% Online and available 24/7
  • Best Practices and real-world application
  • Self-Paced (learn on YOUR TIME)



Treat yourself to the ultimate coaching package! Add training plan access to your certification course!

  • Full LIFETIME course access plus:
  • Access to Greg’s full library of training plans on Final Surge (Coach Account Required) that you can use with your athletes
  • Access to the Certified Coach Community
  • Access to McMillan LOCAL where we connect you with clients in the area
  • FREE Monthly Live Webinars where we discuss YOUR most requested topics
  • FREE Access to Prehab video series
  • Stay up to date with a continued conversation about coaching and run performance
  • Includes first training library access payment


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Course Topics

Course layout/structure, how to make the most out of the course and introduction to Greg McMillan.

What does it mean to be a coach? What are the many hats a coach must wear in order to cultivate a culture of success. We cover these topics in depth and provide best practices from our very own coaches.

Running is simple right? The science behind it can sometimes confuse even the most experienced of us, but in this module, Greg breaks it down into easy-to-understand sections in order to give you the information to explain it to your athletes.

In order to move forward we must know how the sport evolved. Greg will walk us though a timeline of running and how it has impacted modern day techniques and methods.

In this module Greg discusses what he considers the most critical components to running performance. These are the levers that a coach will likely use to create the perfect mix of activities for an athlete.

What gets measured gets improved! What types of measurements are out there and how can you use them to help your athletes.

How much effort should your athletes be expending during workouts? The answer varies depending on your workout goals. Greg will explain the different zones and how each one should be utilized when training.

What are the common race distances and terrains? Simple question but with an evolving market we discuss some key points that you should be aware of to kick off conversations with your athletes.

When creating a custom plan for your athletes you need to make sure that you are gathering the right data points. Without a true understanding on where they are and where they want to go you could be designing a plan that they won’t follow or need. Greg shares his method and intake form to better capture this critical information.

One of the most discussed topics in any running forum. Greg hits on the topic from a running perspective, understanding that each athlete is different.

Runners come in all shapes and sizes and as a result form can be quite varied. In this module Greg talks about the key points that coaches need to be aware of that can make a huge difference in a runner’s efficiency.

We talk a lot about the body, but the mind is just as, if not more important to a runner’s overall well-being and success. In this module, we dive into how to train your mind to remove mental barriers and create a positive attitude.

There are many opinions, methods, and perspectives on training, in this module Greg discussed the key differences and teaches you how to perform a comparative analysis, so that you can piece together the best path forward for your athletes.

In this module Greg walks you step-by-step through the training plan creation process.

Race performance is a critical component to the overall satisfaction of your athletes. A coach should be able to adequately prepare a runner for an upcoming race. Greg will talk through the process of creating a race plan.

As a coach, your number 1 priority should be keeping your runner safe. In this module we cover the rules of the road and other important information that all runners and coaches should know.

Being a run coach is a labor of passion, but it still must be treated as a business for you to continue to help others. In this module we talk about the top factors that challenge coaches and provide best practices.

With all the information we have included in the course the next step is to get started. We end the course with some action items that will help you get the ball rolling!

Frequently Asked Questions

Immediately! Just make your choice and get started immediately.

The course is 100% online and self-paced. We know how busy we all are and want to provide a flexible and clear way to get started in your new career without too many obstacles. It is entirely up to you how long it takes to complete the course.

Lifetime access to all future updates to the Level 1 McMillan Coach Education Module are included with registration.

This top-of-the-line course has two options:

1. $349.99 for the Certification Course – You take the course and get certified

2. $399.99 for the Course + Training Plan Library access Bundle – You not only get certified but you can use Greg’s full library of training plans with your athletes. $399.99 includes 3 months of library access. $20 per month thereafter. (NOTE: Requires a Final Surge Coach Account.)

Yes! You can always add the Training Plan Library option if you want to use Greg’s plans with your athletes. You’ll pay the $20 per month (paid quarterly) and with a Final Surge Coach Account (required), you’ll be able to apply (and modify to your liking) Greg’s plans to your athletes.

The course will cover an exhaustive list of topics and concepts that Greg McMillan has spent decades learning and implementing. Full curriculum will be available soon!

We’re here for you during the course as well as ongoing as you grow as a coach. As an active McMillan Certified Coach, you get access to the McMillan Running community where one of our highly trained and experienced Certificated Coaches will be there to answer any and all questions you have pertaining to the course and your training of athletes.

Yes, becoming and maintaining your coach certification is important to us at McMillan Running. Being a subject matter expert in our field should be an ongoing growth process. Our goal is to provide a lifetime of growth and education that prepares our certified coaches to stay on top of all the latest trends in order to provide the best experience for their runners.


“I got my first Boston Qualifier today with a 21 personal record!”

– Ramona M.