Peak Performance Bundle™

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The McMillan Peak Performance Bundle has everything you need to advance your running goals, all in one easy-to-use app.

Unlock your potential with the #1 training system in the world.

  • Access to every training plan in the McMillan Library
  • Proprietary plan recommendation tool
  • Access to every prehab routine in the McMillan Library
  • Unlimited help from McMillan coaches
  • Training on your watch, desktop and mobile app
  • Weekly check-in from Coach Greg himself
  • Connect with our community of runners who “get you”


  • Individualized training plans, for you and your goals
  • Workouts can be uploaded to your watch and workout results synced to your training plan calendar
  • Includes all Prehab Strength/Injury Fix routines
  • Coach Greg’s running lessons and exclusive webinars
  • Ask a coach questions anytime, get a pep talk, and leverage their accountability
  • Your training plan automatically integrates (and then advances) your McMillan Calculator paces

$39.95 / month

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Data Driven Results

Scientifically-based, and proven training plan to help you reach your goal

Optimize Your Performance Gains

The perfect balance of training stress and recovery to optimize your performance gains so you can reach your full potential

Insights and Motivation from Greg

Coach’s Notes direct from Coach Greg McMillan with insights and motivation to get you on the right path

Easy to Use

Unlock your membership, select your training plan, and customize your setup.

Your Optimal Training Paces

The McMillan Running Calculator is considered the “gold standard” the world over. Our training plans incorporate your McMillan paces and, your paces automatically advance as you move toward your goal race.

Your plan to put your best run forward in 2 easy steps.

Get Set Up

Unlock your membership, select your training plan, and customize your Run Team setup.

Crush Your Goals

Reap the benefits of the world famous McMillan Running Training and be part of our community.


  • Use any metric you like and even choose miles or kilometers
  • Easily adjust each week to get optimal results even when life “happens.”
  • Race plans from 800 meters to ultras as well as Base, Hills, Stamina, Speed and Rebuild Fitness plans are available.
  • You also get essential strength, core and mobility routines to keep you healthy and nutrition advice including meal plans.

$39.95 / month