A fitter, faster you!


A leader in training runners for over 20 years, McMillan Running specializes in individualizing your training for maximum fitness. Our training system keeps you injury-free and builds you into a lean, mean running machine!


We offer two levels to choose from to work with the McMillan coaches. Pick the service below that meets your needs.

McMillan Run Team

Tired of winging it and want a proven plan with coaches at your side and a community to share you running with? We'll set you up on a training plan, coach you along the way, and you'll join our community of like-minded runners all striving to be better.


Personal Online Run Coaching

Train for your next race with a coach by your side. Our personal coaching service gives you an experienced running coach to plan your training and for personal support to talk about race strategy, performance nutrition, injury prevention, stretching, and much more. And best of all, communication is unlimited. The ultimate McMillan coaching experience.


Not looking for a coach, but want to tap into the power of the McMillan training system? Check out these offerings.

NEW! Run Plans

Just released! You can now get one of our training plans for a specific race distance or if you are in-between training plans and need to build (or rebuild) fitness. Training plans have your McMillan Calculator training paces integrated, coach's notes, and access to our prehab routines. Plans are delivered on a runner-friendly training log platform. *Recommended when you want to train using the complete McMillan training system.*

Starting at $25.99

McMillan PRO Runkit

The McMillan PRO Runkit provides recommended workouts customized for you, and access to the advanced McMillan Calculators and Greg McMillan's videos with expert insight on a wide variety of training topics. A good entryway into the McMillan Running resources if you are wanting to build your own training plan.

Starting at $1.99/mo

McMillan Training & Coaching Services - Overview

$1.99per month
  • Designed for the self-coached runner or coach, the Runkit gives you the tools you need to build your plan and race your best.
  • Includes:
  • - Recommended Workouts
  • - Race Pace Workouts
  • - Heat Adjustment Calculator
  • - Treadmill Workouts
  • - Nutrition Calculator
  • - Altitude Adjustment Calculator
  • - Runner's Core Routine
  • - Running Form Drills
  • $1.99 per month
Run Plan
$24.99(Starting at)
  • Tap into the power of the McMillan Training System with your individualized training plan.
  • Includes:
  • -McMillan Training Plan
  • -Integrates McMillan training paces
  • -Coach Greg's daily notes
  • -Sync with Garmin/Strava
  • -Prehab routines
  • Starting at $24.99
Run Coaching
$199per month
  • Designed for the VIP runner who wants the best of the best. You'll have your very own McMillan coach as you train for your goals.
  • Includes:
  • -Your very own McMillan coach
  • -Customized Run Plan
  • -Unlimited communication
  • -Race planning & strategy sessions
  • -Injury prevention
  • -Nutriton
  • - Access to prehab bundle ($99 value)
  • BONUS:
  • - Includes FREE Runkit subscription
  • - Includes FREE Custom Run Plan
  • - Includes FREE Run Team membership
  • - Includes FREE Prehab Bundle
  • $199 per month

Taking on the Ultramarathon?

Are you an ultra/trail runner or thinking of becoming one? Click the link below to see our ultra training & coaching resources. We offer detailed articles, custom training plans and online coaching to help you run your best. If you aren’t entirely sure how to approach the ultra distances or are knocking on the door of a new personal record and need that extra edge to get you there, we're here to help!


Normal injury rate for runners = 66%
Injury rate for McMillan runners = 9%


At the 2015 Boston Marathon, 68% of McMillan runners PR’d on the tough Boston course & BQ’d again. And, McMillan runners who PR’d at the 2014 Chicago Marathon ran an average of 9:27 faster than their previous PR.


Our complete level of confidence that you’ll love training the McMillan way.

They did it... YOU can too!

George S.

“The biggest value to me of the coaching process is the discipline that comes from having a specific run at a specific pace assigned for a specific day. And, while I am running I feel that my coach is there with me and I owe it to him to do the work. That motivates me. I give fairly detailed training reports and they’ve been great in giving me real-time feedback, motivation, and encouragement. The coaching goes way beyond just a spreadsheet, and the relationship I have built is extremely important.”

Shana S.

“I am BLOWN AWAY by how much your plan helped me. Here are my results: 3:58:09, pace 9:05 average. My previous PR was 4:51:40 in 2011. I beat it by 53:31! Your advice kept me calm, and I worked on my speed during short runs, that was completely different than what I had done in the past. You really know what you’re doing. Here’s a picture of me, at the finish line, when I realized I was going to break 4 hours.”

David B.

“Well, MCMILLAN RUNNING STRIKES AGAIN. I crushed my half marathon PR today at the Rochester Flower City Half Marathon. Came in at 1:23:06 for 15th overall and 3rd in my age group. That would mark just under a 7 minute improvement from my last half at Philly in the fall and a 13 minute improvement from when I ran Flower City Last year. Thank you McMillan RunClub! Now on to getting ready for a Boston Qualifier!”

Elizabeth C.

“I had been doing the same workouts for years, and had plateaued. Having new challenges each week keeps things fresh, and I love the feeling of completing a workout that looked difficult, or even intimidating, on paper. I’m enjoying training more than I ever have before because I’m continually presented with new, challenging workouts and getting the satisfaction of completing them, as well as dropping my race times.”