TrainingPeaks McMillan Team LITE


How does LITE work?

For runners who run traditional distances – 5K, 10K, half-marathon and marathon – we’ve bundled the plans together so you get all the plans you need at a very, very low price.

Load the plans as often as you like to build your full year of racing. And if you have questions, just send a note to McMillan TrainingPeaks Coaching Team. It’s so easy to use and your training plans even upload to your watch. How convenient is that?!

All the traditional race distance plans bundle together for only $19.95 per month. What a deal!

Imagine easily planning your training for every 5K, 10K, Half-Marathon and Marathon.

You owe it to yourself. Get LITE today.

TrainingPeaks McMillan Team LITE

Included with every LITE plan:

  • 5K Plans – from novice to advanced 5K plans, you use the McMillan system to run your fastest at this popular race distance.
  • 10K plans for all levels of runners. You use the famous 10K goal pace workout sequence as part of your plan to make sure you are race-ready.
  • Half-Marathon Plans – stamina, speed and endurance. You will love the variety in my half-marathon plans so no matter your goal, you arrive on race day healthy, fit and fast.
  • Marathon Plans – whether running your first marathon or trying to qualify for Boston, the McMillan marathon plans make sure you are ready to cover the marathon distance and have a new level of power over the last few miles.

$19.95 per month

TrainingPeaks McMillan Team LITE FAQ

You get unlimited access to all of the 5K, 10K, half-marathon and marathon plans with the exception of specialty plans like the race-specific plans (e.g., Boston Marathon, Chicago Marathon, etc.) and the terrain-specific plans (e.g., downhill half-marathon plan, hilly marathon plan, etc.)

No. You can cancel anytime.

With TrainingPeaks McMillan Team LITE, you get access to every level of training plan so no matter if you are just starting out or are a seasoned elite runner, you have a plan perfect for you.

Have a question? We’re here to help.