Your training program really produces results. Thanks for helping me to become a much better runner.
~ John H. / This Program Works

Christine F. / Marathon PR

I have used a number of different approaches and I am amazed that without ever meeting me in person, you created a plan that was perfectly suited to my experience, limitations, schedule and temperament. I took more than three minutes off my previous marathon time for a new PR! Your program was challenging but it still left me with time to do yoga and weights AND live the rest of my life. THANK YOU! 

Jerry D. / Marathon PR

I have to start off with saying thank you! Today I ran a personal best of 3:42:03!  My PR by 15 minutes!  I followed the program to a “T”, felt stronger than I ever had, and I can't thank you enough for the boost of confidence this gives me for my future training and races. 

Anne W. / Boston Qualifier

For the price of a pair of shoes, I got the perfect plan and a new PR! Thanks Greg. See you in Boston!! 

Julie B. / Half Marathon PR

I felt like I had wings. The plan has been so easy to follow.  I have been injury-free now for 7 weeks and couldn't be happier.  THANK YOU!  

June S. / Masters Runner

In the past, I was not able to put 4 miles together at a that pace, and years later I am able to run 5 miles without a problem. You have to remember that I am 47 years old and not a spring chicken. But I know I have a whole lot left in me and I will train hard until I reach my full potential. I have a love for running and I am so happy about how it's coming together for me physically and emotionally. I am so thankful for your program. 

Michele K. / Marathon PR

First of all, thank you very much. I ran the best race that I have run in many, many years. I ran strong and consistent. I felt so strong at mile 22 that I could feel the hint of the runner I used to be. 

Pam L. / Beginner

As a new runner, I had no idea how to get started. Thank you for a fun program that keeps me motivated and improving. I never thought of my self as a 'runner' but now I do!   

Joel C / Half-Marathon PR

Best race of my life today!

Michelle M. / Ultra Runner

I used the calculator a lot when I was training for marathons and it was great. I have switched to running ultra marathons and put in a recent 100 miler time and again the calculator was right one the dot for my marathon and 100 miler times. Thank you for spending the time on such a great calculator.

Katie K. / Marathon PR

Another huge PR thanks to your CTP! Today I ran a 3:05:18 and was the 2nd overall female!!! Couldn't have done it without the confidence of your plan! Thanks again and I will be back for Boston this spring!

Lisa A. / Boston Qualifier

Thanks for another great training season! I took 9 minutes and 18 seconds off my PR! Super excited that I qualified to run Boston as well!

John V. / Masters Marathoner

At 67 years old, and my 14th marathon, this was my most comfortable and even paced marathon ever. I think your intervals helped immensely, and made my training fun. I will recommend your program highly!
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