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As a runner, you want to progress and improve

but there are challenges…

  • You fade late in races
  • You keep getting injured
  • You’re unsure if you have the right plan
  • You lose motivation at times
  • You feel isolated
  • Your fitness seems to be hitting a plateau
  • Training isn’t adapting to your changing fitness

Run Team has everything you need to advance your running goals, all in one easy-to-use app. And it’s free for the first 14 days.

14 Day Free Trial*

mcmillan run team

All your training plans, individualized
for you and your goals

mcmillan run team

All your prehab routines
(core, strength, mobility)

mcmillan run team

Coach Greg’s running lessons
and exclusive webinars

mcmillan run team

Help from coaches as you train

mcmillan run team

Take advantage of 2 free weeks now**

*New members only, cancel & owe nothing.

mcmillan run team

**If you love Run Team do nothing and your membership will continue at $39.95 / month thereafter.
You may also select our annual subscription, billed annually, for $29.95 / month.
Contact us to be converted to this plan option.

Push your personal record.

Run Team provides coaching while you train.

coaching support mcmillan running

Coaching Support

Coach Greg and the entire McMillan coaching staff are at the ready to help.

training plans mcmillan running

Training Plans

Get set up on a proven plan PLUS all your prehab, core, and strength to meet your goals.

enhanced features mcmillan running

Enhanced Features

Daily updates, calendar syncing and more, all in an easy-to-use app.

Your Optimal Training Paces

The McMillan Running Calculator is considered the “gold standard” the world over. Our training plans incorporate your McMillan paces and, your paces automatically advance as you move toward your goal race.

Your plan to
put your best
run forward.

Start with 14 days free, do nothing and your membership will continue at $39.95 / month.
Unlock your membership, select your training plan, and customize your Run Team setup.
Enjoy daily check-ins with ongoing support from the McMillan community.


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