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Cadence: Is 180 the ultimate goal?

One Eighty A few years ago, it was stated that pro runners have a cadence (steps per minute) of 180 and so all runners should run at a cadence of 180. Additionally, it was stated that a low cadence caused injuries (due to over-striding) so another reason to run with a higher cadence was to…
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Should You Try a Double Run?

Double your pleasure. Double the fun. Maybe it’s time you tried a double run. Running twice in a day (called a “double”) was once considered only the domain of elite runners. Not anymore! I use doubles in many situations, some that may even surprise you. If you fit any of the ones outlined below, give…
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McMillan Training Cycle Builder

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Build a customized training cycle using my training plans. I’ll show you the easy way to sequence or “stack” plans together to build the perfect training plan for your goal(s). RESOURCES: This article series describes how I recommend sequencing training plans to build a full training cycle:… Here is my Training Cycle…
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Longest long run for the marathon? My Guide

How long should your longest long run be when training for a marathon? It’s a common question so I thought I’d provide my advice. +/- 3:00 marathoners If you plan to run three hours or faster for your marathon, then my recommendation for your maximum long run is: Maximum long run = [Marathon time] up…
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Swapping Workouts: Yay or Nay?

Your training plan calls for a tempo run. Your running buddies want to do a speed workout. Should you swap the workouts? In this video, I present my 3 Rules for Swapping Workouts. Armed with this knowledge, you now know when and how to swap workouts as well as when it’s not advisable.   In…
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Fueling for the Marathon

Ask 100 marathoners how they fuel and you’ll get 100 different answers. It seems that marathon fueling is so individual that it simply takes lots of trial and error in training and tune-up races to find the strategy that works best for you. After working with thousands of marathoners from charity marathon groups to Boston…
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