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3 Strategies to Help You Qualify for Boston

Struggling to qualify for Boston? No problem. Here are three strategies I’ve used to help thousands of runners achieve the coveted BQ. Strategy #1: Get faster first If you’ve been close but just can’t make the jump to your BQ time, I suggest taking a break from chasing the BQ and work on getting faster…
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Marathoners need Eccentric Training

To be a successful marathon runner, you need to do more than just run. Sure, getting in the mileage is important. But how do you ensure your legs have the durability to go the distance? You need to be strong. Strong things are less likely to break, and in a sport where at least half…
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No-Fuel/Slow-Fuel Long Runs

You’ve completed a few marathons and now want to finish faster. But, it’s not like you can turn pro and run 100 miles per week. You need an efficient strategy that can fit into your current training schedule yet deliver big performance improvements. No problem. No-Fuel/Slow-Fuel long runs are a proven way to improve your…
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Quick and Easy Heat Adjustment for Training Paces

   VIDEO DESCRIPTION The McMillan Heat Adjustment Calculator (part of the McMillan PRO RunKit) is a great way to adjust your race or training paces if you are training in one environment but will be racing/training in a different environment. However, if you live and train in the same hot/humid environment, you can use…
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Which Runner Showed Up Today?

 VIDEO DESCRIPTION You are a different runner when you begin each run. Did you know that? It’s true and is why when I’m coaching a runner, I’m always asking, “How do you feel today?” ​​In my latest video, you’ll learn how to use my simple rating system to optimize your training based on how…
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Try McMillan Training for FREE

 VIDEO DESCRIPTION Run Team is amazing. Watch the video and you’ll see what awaits you – training plans, coaching access, prehab (core, strength, mobility) and more! SPECIAL OFFER TRY MCMILLAN TRAINING FOR FREE You can now try McMillan training plans for FREE!  For a limited time, I’m offering a 14-day free trial of my…
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Calculate Your Optimal Training Paces

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Calculate your optimal training paces using the McMillan Running Calculator Training Paces feature. Simply enter a current race time and your goal race time and I’ll show you your optimal training paces (with a toggle for minutes per mile or minutes per kilometer). You’ll love knowing that if you stay within the range,…
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Accurately Predict Your Race Times

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Accurately predict your race times using the McMillan Running Calculator Race Times feature. Simply enter a current race time and your goal race time and I’ll show you how to plan your pacing for upcoming races. And, I’ll show you how fast you’ll need to run at other distances to predict you are…
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Treadmill Training Guide

 VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Gotta hit the treadmill? Learn my secrets to success including: – How much to adjust the incline to replicate the effort of overland running, – Are you a pusher or a puller? – Treadmill lag – what it is and how to account for it. In this quick video, you’ll learn everything…
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When to stop a Workout

 VIDEO DESCRIPTION: We all have those days when we have an important workout scheduled but just don’t feel good. What should you do? In this video, I walk through the 3 main options for when you are scheduled for an important workout and may need to stop. RESOURCES: Here are some other resources for…
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