Personal Coaching: Improvement starts here.


How does Personal Coaching work?


It couldn’t be simpler. No contracts. No set up fees. Stay for 1 month or 10 years. We’re just here to help you in any way you need. Never train alone again. You’re joining one of the most successful teams on the planet. And this premier service gives you access to everything McMillan – McMillan PRO Run Kit, Prehab routines and all McMillan Run Team exclusives. You’re just one click way from getting started.


After sign-up you will receive an email with our athlete questionnaire with detailed questions about YOUR training and racing history, life, schedule and goals. Simply email that back to us. We’ll then set up a call with you to discuss what we find and then we’ll craft a truly individualized training plan based on your answers. You, then, are off and running (literally).


Provide feedback to your coach throughout the program via email, phone, text or Skype on an unlimited basis. Let us know the results of each key workout, race, any issues, family commitments, etc. This allows us to make any necessary adjustments to the training schedule and we can chat anytime you like. We’re always here for you.

Included with every Personal Coaching plan:

• Individualized training plan
• McMillan Training Manual
• McMillan Race Strategy Guide
• Personal Online Coach

• McMillan PRO Subscription
• Individualized race strategy sessions
• Unlimited emails, calls, text, Skype
• Expert advice on cross training & injury prevention

Strava Summit Members receive up to $100 off per month!

*Offer available to new online coaching customers only.

What other coaching plans give you unlimited contact with your very own Personal Coach?

With Personal Online Coaching, you have UNLIMITED contact with your McMillan running coach. The coach/athlete relationship is vital in terms of being able to adjust a schedule as things get in the way… which they sometimes do. If you need someone to adjust your program based on your results, keep you motivated and help strategize your race plan, then Personal Online Coaching is for you. We coach athletes for any distance from 800 meters to 100 miles.

McMillan Coaching Philosophy

• We believe a customized program is better than a generic program.
• We believe a coach is a trusted partner in your quest to be better.
• We believe all runners deserve the same personal attention and expert advice that the world’s best runners receive.

Strava Summit Members receive up to $100 off per month!

*Offer available to new online coaching customers only.

Want to chat as you decide? We’re here to help. Email Greg.

Meet Some Athletes

Elizabeth C.

“I had been doing the same workouts for years, and had plateaued. Having new challenges each week keeps things fresh, and I love the feeling of completing a workout that looked difficult, or even intimidating, on paper. My coach is extremely supportive and has helped me stay strong and injury-free for over a year. I’m enjoying training more than I ever have before because I’m continually presented with new, challenging workouts and getting the satisfaction of completing them, as well as dropping my race times.”

Alec N.

When we first met Alec at running camp, his biggest question was how he could train for a marathon and still run fast over shorter distances. He signed up for coaching soon after and we set out to make Alec’s goals possible. We’ve been so excited to see the incredible strides that he’s made in the short time he’s been training with us. Check out his before and after PRs!

5k: 18:47 to 17:15
10k: 40:41 to 38:30
Half: 1:34:31 to 1:29:15 (marathon pace trial)
Full: 3:29:58 to 3:00:21 (WOW!)

George S.

“The biggest value to me of the coaching process is the discipline that comes from having a specific run at a specific pace assigned for a specific day. And, while I am running I feel that my coach is there with me and I owe it to him to do the work. That motivates me. I give fairly detailed training reports and they’ve been great in giving me real-time feedback, motivation, and encouragement. The coaching goes way beyond just a spreadsheet, and the relationship I have built is extremely important.”

Keith R.

“Over the past two years, my marathon times have steadily increased. My goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon seemed more like a dream than reality. At the urging of a friend, I signed up with your program in April of 2015. With your guidance, I was finally able to achieve my goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon on January 17 at the Houston Marathon with a time of 3:34:48, beating my previous personal record by 16 minutes. Thanks to your coaching and your program I ran the perfect race!”


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