The Runner’s Strength Project!


Injury-prone? Not racing to your potential? Slowing with age? Not for long! Let's get strong!

Mat Nark, certified McMillan running coach and personal trainer, will walk you through his innovative runner's strength training system. That’s right. This is a system, not just a one-off exercise program. You’ll be guided from one level to the next over the coming weeks. Results will come quickly but just as run training takes time, Coach Nark designed this system to build from week to week and month to month. Get ready. You are about to become the strong, injury-proof runner you always wanted to be.


Dynamic Warm-Up

Warming up for strength training is vital. This 5 minute routine will make sure that all of your muscles, tendons, and joints are optimally prepared for your strength training session. You’ll do this routine before each of the Runner’s Strength Project workouts.

PR Strength

This routine is where you will start. It’s ideal for the athlete that is just getting started with the Runner’s Strength Project and this program lays the foundation for the next phases to come.

Ferocious Fitness

This next step in creating your bulletproof running body goes through the routine we call Ferocious Fitness. These innovative and more advanced exercises will target your entire body and complement your running perfectly.

Olympic Development Strength

Coach Mat’s biggest challenge is the Olympic Development Strength routine. This advanced exercise routine is a pure strength routine that will definitely get you stronger than ever before.

Core Crusher 1

Key to your strength training system is a stable core so Coach Mat is including his Core Crusher routine. This tremendous core routine includes spine safe exercises that will transform your core into the running body that you have always desired.

Core Crusher 2

Advancing from Core Crusher 1, Core Crusher 2 also includes workouts that can be done with very little equipment and are designed to deliver the maximum benefit in as short of a time as possible.

BONUS: Vacation Travel Workout

Keep your strength training going even when you have to travel for work or play. This power packed bodyweight workout will allow you to take your strength program on the road and not miss a beat while you are out of town.

BONUS: IT Band Quick Fix

This progressive combination of soft tissue prep, stretches, stability patterning, and strength moves will eliminate this common running injury forever.

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Get ready for a whole new YOU with the Runner’s Strength Project.


The Runner’s Strength Project is designed to require minimal equipment. One tool, however, that you should consider is a set of kettlebells – light, medium and heavy. Kettlebells are one of the most perfectly designed strength training tools for runners. Kettlebells are available at most sporting goods stores or you can find our favorites on Amazon at the link below.

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We firmly believe you CAN change your body. But, you must start now!


Mathew Nark is the unique blend of accomplished running coach and innovative strength coach. He is a McMillan Certified Running Coach, successfully working with beginning runners to Olympic Trials competitors. As a strength training coach, Nark is a Strongfirst Level 2 kettlebell instructor, FMS advanced and NASM Certified Personal Trainer. He has the unique ability to combine strength training with run training and his time-efficient strength routines help runners of all abilities and ages stay injury free and run smoother and faster.

Hear it from our athletes!

Angela S

“This program has taken my body to a whole new level. I have worked with trainers in the past but Mat has totally upped my game and my body has changed for the best.”

Brittany G.

“In the past two years of running and strength I have exceeded all of my wildest expectations. I have lost significant body fat and am stronger than ever. Recently I crushed my half marathon PR by over 7 minutes.”

Diane H.

“Mat takes a holistic approach and recognizes that running and strength training must fit together. The fact that he understands both so well certainly makes a difference.”

Mike C.

“Since I Incorporated strength training into my run training I have run PR’s at every distance from the 5K to the marathon. My body fat is currently at my lifetime best of 13% and I am ready for a strong fall season.”

FAQs with Coach Mat

Q: How can strength training help my running?

A: Strength training will be the key component in helping to create or maintain consistency in your run training. By staying injury free you will be in the best position possible for running improvements and reaching your true potential.

Q: How much strength training do I need to see benefits?

A: With one to three 30-45 min sessions per week you will begin to see and feel results within a month of consistent strength training.

Q: Why is this program different than other strength programs for runners?

A: The Runner’s Strength Project will provide you with the most important strength training exercises for runners combined with the preferred rep ranges to promote the most rapid changes in your running body.

Q: What will I need to get started today?

A: All that you need is the desire to become the best runner that you can possibly be. A drive that pushes you to explore new methods of improvement to gain that extra advantage in getting you to the next level of training and racing.

Q: How do I get started once I purchase the training system?

A: The instructional guide for the Runner’s Strength Project is here (and in the button below). Just click the link to download the strength training plan and Coach Nark will get you started.

Q: What is so special about kettlebells?

A: Kettlebells provide us with the best strength tool and the convenience of being able to use them anywhere. No gym is required and with a small selection of kettlebells we can do our strength at home in our living room, out in our yard, or wherever we choose.

Q: How will I learn the kettlebell movements safely?

A: In each strength routine we provide instruction on the correct technique for each movement. We will also be providing regular instructional sessions and Q&As on the Runner’s Strength Project facebook page.

Q: What if I have a question about the strength training?

A: We are here for you! A special Runner’s Strength Project Facebook page has been created so you can connect with Coach Mat. If you ever have a question or need advice, just visit the Facebook page (and you can check it out to see questions other users have and our answers).

Have a question? We’re here to help. Contact us.