Runner’s Core Routine & Form Drills


  • STABLE CORE … Dysfunction occurs with instability.
  • BETTER BALANCE … You can’t run fast when you feel tight and constricted.
  • PERFECT POSTURE … It’s hard to run tall when your posture is compromised.
  • IMPROVED LEG SPEED … Maintain your leg turnover even as you age.

If you are a runner, these are the two most important non-running exercises you can do. You develop a stable core and better balance to hold your body in the correct posture, even when you get tired. And the drills routine cleans up form faults that lead to poor performance and injuries.

Hill Running Form


Looking for a core routine that is fun, effective, time efficient and one that you’ll actually do? You’ve come to the right place. After years of experimenting, I’ve hand-picked the safest exercises that produce the best results. And, I’ve built the perfect three stage plan so you never get bored with the same routine and you keep the body progressing. The result? The McMillan Runner’s Core Routine – our best-selling video series. Start today to build your injury-proof, runner’s body.


Tired of how you look in race photos? Want more power at the end of your races? Ready to avoid injury? You’ve come to the right place. After years of helping athletes with running form, I’ve hand-picked the easiest to perform exercises that produce the best results. And, I’ve built these into a simple routine that you can perform on a regular basis to improve your form and even prepare you for workouts and races. It’s McMillan’s Drills for Distance Runners – our easy to follow routine that builds better running form. Start today to develop picture perfect running form.


With Runner’s Core Routine and Form Drills, you start immediately to follow each program. With Core, you’ll march through three stages of routines and end with the perfect core stability to aid your running. And 2-3 times per week, you’ll do the form drills to shore up your running posture, improve your leg turnover and see how easy it is to be fully warmed up for hard workouts and races.

Runner’s Core Routine and Form Drills provides the most efficient way to prepare for faster running.

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