ALERT: RunClub is Evolving into Run Team.



Two years ago I launched RunClub. I started RunClub because I wanted a platform that delivered my latest and greatest training plans and provided an outlet for coaching. Plus, I know runners love connecting with each other (which is why we stand around chatting after races) and the RunClub community provides a fun way for McMillan runners to connect and for me to pass along my insights as you train.

I am honored that you have been part of the RunClub community sharing your running with me and the other McMillan athletes. Based on feedback everyone has been sharing with me over these two years (thank you!), I have been working on RunClub improvements. And I’m pleased to announce they are now here.

McMillan Run Team is the next evolution of RunClub. Think of it as RunClub 2.0. Run Team uses my same training philosophy and system delivered on a new platform that’s better and more efficient. I’ve even been able to lower your monthly subscription to $24.95 to give you a better training and coaching bargain!

You’re going to love the new training plan delivery system (with a full calendar view, automatic integration of your McMillan paces, full sync with your Garmin/Strava to upload your runs to your training calendar, and more!). Plus, since your runs are automatically uploaded, I can better see your training when you have questions.

I’ve also upgraded and improved the Facebook-like “wall” and forums plus your prehab programs are now fully integrated into your plans so you know exactly which routine to do on which day.

Effective August 31, the current RunClub website will shut down so you’ll need to join the new Run Team website for your training.

Again, all RunClub members need to get set-up with a new Run Team membership by August 31 so you can access the new site. That’s all you’ll need to do. Then you’ll be up and running on the new platform and at the new lower price. As soon as you sign up for Run Team I’ll cancel your current RunClub membership and you’ll start accessing your plan on the Run Team site.

Join now to start using Run Team and to lower your monthly rate to just $24.95.

If you have any questions you can reply to this email to get in touch with me directly. I’m always available to answer questions and help you with this transition.

Once you register, you’ll receive a separate email with instructions on setting up your Run Team account and getting on your plan.


P.S. This update has been fun as I’ve been able to upgrade all the features you’ve been asking for and I can’t wait for you to log in and check it out.

For a week or so, you may still login to RunClub here: