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If you haven’t already (and make sure you check your spam folder), you should have received a separate email that looks like the image below.

In that email, just click the big orange button and you’ll be guided through the steps to set up your Run Team user account (Run Team and McMillan plans are delivered through Final Surge) and load your training plan.

As always, let me know if you have any problems getting set up.

In the future, you can quickly access your training plan by clicking the “Training” login button at the top of the www.mcmillanrunning.com website (scroll up to the top of this page to find the login button so you know where it is).


Once you unlock your Run Team membership, you’ll land on the training plan recommendation tool page. (see sample below).


1) If you have a race within the next 3-4 months, just input your information and I’ll recommend the plan for you. Simple as that.

2) If your goal race isn’t in the near future, you’ll see my non-race plans at the bottom of the recommended plan page. There is a row of big orange buttons with my preparatory plans. Read this quick guide and it will show you which plans to use (and their order) as you build toward a future race plan.

In the Run Team, your training plans will have your McMillan training paces integrated so just enter your goal time and current fitness and all your paces will automatically added to the program (and they will advance across your plan).  

If you run into issues, there is a big button at the bottom “Schedule Chat with Greg” to click. That will sent a note directly to me and I can help you get your plan set up.


The training plan system has lots of features so I’ve put together this quick video walk through where I’ll show you some of the features to help you get started. Just click the link below to view the video.


In Run Team, there is a full Resources section with a ton of how-to videos on everything from what a Tempo Run is to how to delete a training plan to my Coach Greg webinars on marathon pacing, to the mobility routines and much, much, much more.

Just click the RESOURCES link in the navigation bar of Run Team to see .

Since you’re saving this email anyway, here is also a list of How-To Videos (which are also in the Resources
section) so you can learn how to really customize your plan to your needs (and fix anything you may have changed that you didn’t want to change):

Q: How do I login to Run Team?

A: Run Team Login Video

Q: How do I get set up on my plan?

A: Run Team Plan Set-up Video

Q: Can you show me the features of Run Team:

A: Run Team Walk Through Video

Q: How do I sync my Garmin/Strava account with Run Team?

A: Run Team Garmin/Strava Sync Video

Q: How do I delete a plan? (In case you have two plans loaded and are seeing two workouts on a day.)

A: Run Team Plan Deletion Video

Q: How do I change the start/end date of my training plan?

A: Run Team Start/End Date Video

Q: How do I change the day of my long runs?

A: Run Team Long Run Day Video

Q: How do I adjust the training paces?

A: Run Team Training Paces Update Video

Q: How do I move workouts around?

A: Run Team Workout Shifting Video

Q: How do I change from miles to kilometers or vice versa?

A: Run Team Settings Video

Q: How do I get my workouts emailed/text to me?

A: Run Team Settings Video

Q: How do I sync my training plan with my online calendar?

A: Run Team Settings Video

And more importantly, if you ever run into issues, just contact me. I’m here to help.

I’ll follow up with an email shortly to explain some more about the training plan and Run Team features, but I just wanted to use this quick set up page to welcome you to the McMillan Run Team.


P.S. I almost forgot. You can also download the FREE Final Surge app from the Apple app store or Google Play and access your McMillan Run Team and training plan that way as well.

P.P.S. When you joined Run Team, you created two usernames and passwords. One is for the general McMillan Running website and the other is your McMillan Run Team Final Surge account (where you’ll access your plan, the webinars, etc.). Most runners use the same username and password for both, but if you ever run into trouble getting logged in to your training plan or your prehab videos, just let me know. I’m here to help.