Relance RL-01 Review

I enjoy testing new running products so when shoe start-up Relance from France ask me to test their new shoes, I was excited.

As runners, we’ve been blessed with lots of new shoe companies over the last 15 years. All bring their unique outlook to helping us enjoy our running more and Relance is no different.


Their first model, the RL-01, is a nod between the best of past and the best of the future. Sporting a classic design and fit, runners will enjoy a shoe that fits well and performs well without any gimmicks of many of the new shoe start-ups. The fit and “ride” – the heel to toe transition – makes the RL-01 a good choice for all runners. No unusual stack height, form-altering springiness or unusual fit.Just a good running show, reminiscent of one of my favorite shoes, the first edition Adidas Supernova or even early Nike Pegasus models.

But the RL-01 isn’t just a blast from the past. With excellent rear-foot cushioning and a roomy toe box, Relance knows that runners require great cushioning and a roomy toe box. If I only had a dollar for every runner that I’ve seen wearing shoes that are too tight in the toe box!To me, those two features will make the RL-01 work well for many, many runners. And the upper. Wow! I really like the look and feel. I have the black model but there are several colors that runners will enjoy.

As always, there is room for improvement from the first iteration of any product and I suspect Relance will beef up the forefoot cushions (something my older runner feel definitely need) and they may add more technology to control pronation but as a first go, I really like the RL-01.It fits me well. (See my video on how to find the best running show for you here.) I’ll keep putting the RL-01s through their paces and hope to one day visit the company in France.

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