Video on Demand: Strong and Stable Spin

$49.99 / year


  • LOWER BACK PAIN … Past issues with a pulled back?
  • TIGHT GLUTES … Is your stride restricted?
  • HIP ISSUES …Suffered from hip extensor pain?
  • WORRIED ABOUT YOUR CORE Concerned about about having a weak core?

In the fourth of our new Bullet-Proof Body series, McMillan-approved therapists Daniel and Austin guide you through their runner-specific Strong and Stable Spine routine. This innovative program helps reverse strength, mobility, or stability deficits that can lead to back and core issues. It can help develop resistance to injuries in your hips, knees, and even ankles.

Runner's Core Routine


With Strong and Stable Spine, you receive a comprehensive program to address the mobility, stability and strength issues. Therapists Daniel and Austin progress you through their proven program to get you running pain-free. Across the 12-week program, you get new workouts each week to get your improvement going.

Strong and Stable Spine can improve the mobility and stability of the Lower Back and surrounding muscles and tissues while also providing the strength you need to run well.

Special Introductory Price of $49.99/Year.

Build Injury Resistance In Your Back and Core with Strong and Stable Spine

Move Freely

With optimal mobility, your Back is more likely to function properly.

Enjoy a Stable Stance Phase

Enjoy a stable core that helps improve performance and decreases injury risk.

Bye, Bye Injuries

Build that resistance to injuries.

Special Introductory Price of $49.99/Year

Your Next Step

  • After signing up, you’ll receive an email with the link to the Strong and Stable Spine video classes.
  • Simply click the link and you’ll begin with Week 1 – the first of a full year’s worth of Strong and Stable video classes
  • Each routine includes mobility, stability and strength exercises.
  • It’s like having a trainer at your side. How cool is that?!
  • 12 Weeks. Two injury resistant knees. You will love the confidence and ability to train consistently.

Reverse tightness and fix your stability and strength issues.
12 weeks. 3 sessions per week.
Strong and Stable Spine is for you.
Let’s get started.

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