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Free your Stride!

Have you been waiting for a recovery routine that will not only keep you injury free, but can change the way you run entirely? Yoga Recovery for Runners is the only yoga program used and endorsed by Coach Greg and the McMillan Running Team.

The imbalances that result from the repetitive motions in running can lead to pain, injury, muscular inefficiency, immobility, and instability. This 30 minute routine is designed for use after your run or workout to allow the tissues to recover, re-lengthen, and achieve greater balance overall. We’ve even included a bonus 8 minute post-run quick stretch for those days when squeezing in a full-length routine just isn’t possible. A little yoga goes a long way!

Are you ready to free your stride, transform your body and mind, and feel better than you have in years?

Annual access fee

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I purchased this video and didn’t realize how tight my hips were. I love this routine and found it straight to the point with no “hot shot” moves, making it easy to follow even if you don’t have a yoga background. It keeps my tight lower extremities loose and ready to hit the road running!

-Diane S.


Absolutely, without a doubt, YES!

Often runners are hesitant to try yoga, thinking that they lack the flexibility to partake. In reality, those who are the most stiff will reap the biggest benefits! Our yoga routine is for ALL LEVELS, so no matter where you’re starting, you’re sure to discover both physical and mental advantages. Are you ready for a new and improved YOU?

Identify Imbalances and Run Stronger!

Yoga is a full body experience. Rather than remaining on a singular plane of motion, we’re engaging a variety of muscle groups, including ones that tend to be underutilized and even weakened by running. Through yoga we’re gaining strength, flexibility, and balance, thus increasing our range of motion and decreasing the likelihood of pain, injury, and fatigue.

Annual access fee

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“I got my first Boston Qualifier today with a 21 personal record!”

– Ramona M.