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Get the routine that syncs perfectly with your run training plan.

Confused about strength training? Wonder how to sync it with your run training? Look no further! Strength in Stride is our innovative runner’s strength training system that actually flows with your training plan. Designed in phases, you build the right kind of strength at the right time so you get to the starting line healthy and the finish line faster. Easy to use and highly effective, you’ll love knowing exactly what to do and when with Strength in Stride.


Follow the proven four-phase strength training system and you’ll not just build a strong, supple runner’s body but you’ll peak on race day ready for your best performance.

Phase 1 – Stability

You begin Phase 1, the Stability phase, when you start your run training program. We’ve found that early in a training plan, you need to work on your stabilizers so you can hold your body in the correct position while running. The Stability phase lays the foundation for the next phases and fits perfectly with the workouts early in your training plan.

Phase 2 – Strength

After building stability early in your training plan, your strength training plan will now advance to the Strength phase. Now that you are stable, let’s get strong! Similar to your run training plan, you’ll build the strength to get you to the finish line. As with the Stability phase, the Strength phase contains two programs – Program A and Program B – and we’ll tell you which to perform and when.

Phase 3 – Power & Peaking

Later in your running and strength training plan, it’s about translating the strength you built early into power for fast racing. Phase 3 includes the exercises that help bring your strength training to a peak just as you are bringing your run training to a peak. Then, we’ll show you exactly how to taper your strength training like you do your run training so you are ready for a peak running performance!

BONUS – Maintenance Phase

Another key benefit of the Strength in Stride program is that when you complete your race, you’ll move to the Maintenance phase to make sure you maintain your fitness gains while you are in between race plans.

Workout Details: In each phase, you’ll enjoy two different programs and we’ll tell you exactly which program to do when. You’ll start with lower reps and sets and progress to more reps and sets. Expect to spend between 10 and 20 minutes on each routine (shorter when starting each phase and longer at the end of each phase). You should do this routine 1-3 times per week. The end goal is to have a strength program that works with not against your running program. And because each program and each phase is different, you stay motivated for the next session.

Have a question? We’re here to help.


“I got my first Boston Qualifier today with a 21 personal record!”

– Ramona M.


Build a world-class runner’s body and run your best for just $49.99!

  • Running-specific exercises
  • Approachable and easy to integrate
  • Adaptable to your strength level
  • Fast and effective routines
  • Meshes perfectly with your run training


After you sign up, you’ll be sent an activation email. You’ll then access the Strength in Stride page (just go to the My Videos button at the top of the website) and all the instructional videos and exercise progressions for each phase are listed there.

As the name suggests, you and I will do the routine together. I’ll instruct you on the exercise to do and just like if we were in the gym together, I’ll lead you through the full routine. There are three follow along workouts for each stage. You’ll use the first follow along workout early in the phase then move to the second and finally to the third follow along workout. This way, you keep your body progressing and you never get bored from just doing the same exercise in the same way over and over.

There are four phases in Strength in Stride. Phase 1 focuses on stability. Phase 2 focuses on Strength. Phase 3 focuses on Power and Phase 4 is the maintenance phase for when you are between race plans. Each phase has two programs within it and Coach Angela varies the programs to keep your body adapting at optimal levels.

The early stages last 10-20 minutes and the latter stages (where you are stronger and do more work) are 20-30 minutes.

One to three times per week is ideal. The point of having all the routines and progressions within the routine is to keep you from becoming bored. I want you to establish a habit of doing ancillary training like core training. This way, after you build your strength, you’ll continue to injury-proof your body so you can keep running strong for years to come.

The main equipment used in your own body weight. However, there are a few exercises where a stability ball (you know those big round balls), a medicine ball, a resistance band and a hand weight (dumbbell, etc.) are used.

No. You can do this in the comfort of your own home (or hotel room if traveling). But, you can access this routine on any device (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.) so if you wanted to do it in the gym, you could just pull up the page, start following along with the routine!

Yes! This is not just a video for you to follow. This is a strength training system and we’re here to help if you need it.

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