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Magic Mobility – $4.99/mo (Billed bi-annually)

$29.94 every 6 months

“Magic Mobility” – The easy to use, follow along mobility classes with Coach Angela. Reverse the tightness and loss of mobility that comes with modern life and aging. Free your stride so you can run your best.

In this unique program, McMillan Coach Angela Tieri guides you through weekly mobility classes. The classes are streamed online so they are available on any device at any time. Each week, Coach Angela adds new classes that address your mobility issues from head to toe. You’l be amazed at how much better you feel on your runs. Across the year, you can significantly reverse any postural issues. You can significantly reverse tight muscles (often from too much sitting). And you can significantly reverse the negative affects that tightness and poor posture are having on your running form, your mechanics and how that may play a role in injuries. Injury free is the place to be and Magic Mobility can help you get there.


Access fee: $4.99/month, billed bi-annually. Auto renews every 6 months. Cancel anytime.

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