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Video On-Demand: PRE – Personal Running Evaluation


Individualization. That’s the key to getting more from your training. In my Personal Running Evaluation (PRE) video, I’ll walk you through the exact process I use with my personal coaching and Olympic-level athletes to learn how to best train them. You’ll get more from your training, and the lessons learned will serve you throughout your running career.

You want to know how I’ve been successful with all types of runners – Olympians, Boston Qualifiers, age groupers and new runners? This is it. After walking through my personal running evaluation video, you’ll see how your unique traits can inform your training to get more from it.


You are about to see how my super simple evaluation can make a profound difference in your training and racing. Reduce injuries. Avoid “bad” runs/workouts. String together consistent weeks and most importantly build and maintain a peak-performer level of excitement and motivation.


You have strengths and weaknesses. The Personal Running Evaluation not only helps you determine each but I’ll show you have to leverage both to optimize your training and boost your results.


You can run faster. In the PRE, I’ll show you real world examples of how subtle tweaks to training, using what is learned from the Personal Running Evaluation, can make a BIG difference in your training and race results.

Don’t waste another minute. Start the PRE now. Click the button below to gain access to the Personal Running Evaluation video.



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