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Surviving the Marathon Freak-out by Greg McMillan


It happens every time. The marathon seems weeks and weeks away then suddenly, it’s here! This begins “the great marathon freak out”. You worry you aren’t ready. You worry you can’t possibly run your goal pace for 26.2 miles. You wonder what to eat and drink. You trained hard (and long) to get ready for your marathon and just want to know that race day will go well. Surviving the Marathon Freak Out walks you through the time-proven marathon preparation system of world-renowned Coach Greg McMillan. No matter whether this is your first or fifteenth marathon, Coach Greg’s strategies provide comfort and direction as race day approaches. It’s like having a world-class coach in your corner. You’ll enjoy practical training advice to bring your body and mind to a peak so you can deliver your best in the marathon. Most importantly, you’ll love knowing you are doing everything correctly to get ready for the big day, leaving no stone unturned in your quest to run your best.

What you’ll learn:

– How you can not just taper, but truly peak your performance on race day

– 6 proven marathon peaking plans to follow

– Foolproof strategies for race morning

– Greg’s daily to-do list so your logistics are thought through and covered

– Master race day – before, during, and after the race

– Help planning your race pacing for each segment of the the entire race

– How to fuel during the marathon with proven examples

– Bonus content about the “wall”

– what it is exactly and how to avoid hitting it

– Greg’s famous pre-race pep-talk!

– Plus much more!

Ships to United States customers only. International customers can access the online version here.

(Want to read it on your device? It’s available on an online read here.)


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