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Speed Module for Short Races Training Plan Level 5


Lost your speed or just feel slow? This 6-week speed module plan is perfect for you. I’ll put your through my proven speed-building training sequence and do it safely so you stay healthy – something I know runners doing speedwork often worry about.

This plan is designed for runners that are focused on racing the 800-10k distance. This plan is perfect for transitioning into after a base plan.

You’ll build your leg turnover so faster running starts to feel easer and you’ll notice you have a bit more pep in your step. Then, you’ll carry this new leg turnover into VO2 max repeats – you know the ones where you challenge yourself as much mentally as physically to run fast. But, I’ll do this in a fun way with a variety of workouts so you stay excited for each workout and by the end of the training plan, you will have improved leg turnover, increased VO2max and the mental toughness that will serve you well in your next training plan.

Before starting, you should be able to run 50-70 minutes on your regular runs and at least 100 minutes on your long runs.

Weekly mileage = 51-68 miles per week (82-109 kilometers per week)*
*based on an average training pace of 7:00 min/mi (4:20 min/km)
NOTE: Each run includes a range of duration/distance and pace so actual mileage may vary.

For each and every run, I’ll provide the exact pace range for each run/workout (integrated from the McMillan Running Calculator) and will advance the paces as you progress through the training plan so you are always optimally challenged. I’m also making your plan really flexible so it can flow with your life. You can easily move runs around based on your life schedule.

In addition to the run training, I’m also going to have you perform my Runner’s Core Routine and Form Drills routines. These “”prehab”” programs are included with your plan and build you into a strong, supple, injury-resistant runner.

Runs/Week: 4-7. Key/Hard Workouts/Week: 1-2.

Need more weeks? Suggested Training Cycle:
-Rebuild Fitness Training Plan 8 weeks (opt.)
-Base Training Plan 8 weeks
-Pre-Race Training Module [Hills, Stamina, Speed] 6 weeks
-Race-Specific Training Plan 12-16 weeks

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