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Running Nirvana by Greg McMillan



In Running Nirvana, world-renowned running coach Greg McMillan shares the top lessons he teaches his runners. Successful with beginners, age groupers, and Olympians, Greg simplifies the often confusing world of training, injury prevention, running form, nutrition, and brain training. When you get it all right, your training improves, and you have more of those amazing runs where you feel like you are flying—running nirvana.

Running Nirvana provides numerous “aha” moments as Coach Greg helps you better understand yourself as a runner and how your training must sync with your life, your strengths, and your passions. You’ll learn how to optimize each and every run. You’ll learn tips and tricks for improving your running form. You’ll learn how to finally kick the injury bug once and for all with just a few core, mobility, and strength exercises. You’ll learn how to eat for daily performance, sustained training, and optimal racing. You’ll learn strategies to stay motivated and win the battle between your ears. And finally, you’ll learn to race to your fullest potential. (Plus, you get training plans from 5K to the marathon too!)

Get ready to elevate your running with Running Nirvana.

Shipping to US customers only but also available on Kindle: Running Nirvana


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