Runner’s Core Routine + Drills for Runners Training Plan


The McMillan Drills for Runners and the Runner’s Core Routine are the two most essential prehab training programs for runners. You’ll shore up your running form and make sure you have the core stability to hold your body in the correct posture while running.

About Drills for Runners:

In this video, Coach Greg will show you the routine he’s used for years to help runners of all abilities improve their form. The video is broken into three parts: Loosening Skips, Form Drills and Integration. Running form drills can be performed as often as you like, but your McMillan training plan will indicate when Coach Greg recommends for you to perform them. They are perfect as part of your warm-up for fast runs and races as well as anytime you want to add some dynamic technique work for improving your running form.

About the Runner’s Core Routine:

In this video series, Coach Greg will take you through his three stages of core routines. Stage 1 serves as an at home core stability test to illuminate where you are stable and where you need work. After mastering Stage 1, you’ll move to Stage 2 to advance your core stability. After completing Stage 1 and Stage 2 (both lasting 4-8 weeks), you’ll move to Stage 3. After mastering Stage 3, you have all the core stability you need to handle your running.