Rebuild Fitness Training Plan Level 3


This 8-week Rebuild Fitness plan is for the intermediate runner who has been injured, or taken extensive time off and now needs to rebuild fitness before incorporating workouts and beginning a race-specific training cycle. Whether you have been off for a month or a year, this is a great plan to follow if you need to steadily and safely rebuild your fitness.

For each and every run, I’ll provide the exact pace range for each run/workout (integrated from the McMillan Running Calculator) and will advance the paces as you progress through the training plan so you are always optimally challenged. I’m also making your plan really flexible so it can flow with your life. You can easily move runs around based on your life schedule.

In addition to the run training, I’m also going to have you perform my Runner’s Core Routine and Form Drills routines. These prehab programs are included with your plan and build you into a strong, supple, injury-resistant runner.