Next Level Knees


Program Description:
Next Level Knees is a program designed specifically for runners who want to take their mobility, stability, and strength training to the next level. It is not a cookie cutter generic exercise program. It is built by running biomechanics specialists who understand the importance of RUNNER SPECIFIC mobility, stability, and strength training. Many of the exercises in this program are unlike any other you will find because of how they are specifically designed for runners. The focus is on making your knees ready to take on the repetitive loads and stresses that running demands of them. The ultimate goal is to improve your performance as well as decrease injury risk in your knees (and the rest of your body). The program is split into three phases: fundamental, intermediate, and advanced. Each phase has three components: mobility, stability, and strength. Each phase is four weeks making the program a total of 12 weeks. The early phases focus on static stretching and range of motion, fundamental strength, and basic stability. The program gradually progresses to more dynamic stretching, advanced stability, and is heavy on plyometric activity. These phases prepare, then progress, then bulletproof the runner’s knees. This program can be life changing for any runner looking for the next steps can help provide that breakthrough you are looking for.

Equipment needed (besides common household items): This program has very minimal equipment needed so you can easily perform at home and do not need to go to the gym.
1. Resistance bands: You can purchase bands like you will see in some of the videos (mostly the fundamental exercises) from amazon or a sporting goods store for fairly cheap. The ones in the videos are CLX bands from TheraBand. These are nice because they have little loops in them that make for easy foot access. You can also use a normal TheraBand or other branded band but you may need to tie a loop in them in order to loop it around your ankle.
Bands like these will be good to have for many of your basic strengthening needs. The general order from easy to hard is yellow, red, green, blue, black, then various other colors. Getting a few of each is never a band idea. Most runners will be somewhere between red, green, or blue for most of the fundamental foot/ankle exercises you will see in the videos.
2. A physio ball: This is not 100% necessary but can be very helpful with some of the exercises. It will also be very useful if you plan to do other bullet proofing programs.

Common Household Items Needed:
1. A step of some sort
2. A couch, chair, or elevated surface about knee height (if you are average height).
3. You can also enhance these exercises with gym equipment such as weights, medicine balls, balance pads/unstable surfaces, etc. as well.

Dr. Daniel Strauss
Co-founder of Athletic Kinetics
Running Biomechanics Expert
VDOT Certified Running Coach