Run Team Annual Plan – $24.95 per month, billed annually

$299.40 / year

Get a full year of McMillan Training & Coaching for less than $300!

Billed annually, cancel anytime.

BONUS #1 – With your annual subscription, you also receive the full year of 3HAB, Coach Angela’s innovative pre-run warm-up program. ($52 value)
BONUS #2 – With your annual subscription, you also receive Coach Greg’s Personal Running Evaluation video. In this video, Greg walks you through how he determines the best training plans and then the tweaks to the plans based on your strengths and weaknesses. ($39.95 value)
BONUS #3 – With your annual subscription, you also receive Marathon Legs. Coach Angela has done it again! An equipment-free, easy to use but highly effective routine that builds strong legs without have to do mega miles. ($39.95 value)
BONUS #4 – With your annual subscription, you also receive Dr. Stan’s Run with Your Body; Race with Your Mind video. This is my go to for helping runners get their mind right for a peak performance. ($9.95 value)

Run Team includes:

Your individualized training plans – Access to Coach Greg’s full library of training plans for every distance from 800 meters to the ultra marathon

Your McMillan Calculator paces – Your training plan automatically integrates (and then advances) your McMillan Calculator paces

Your prehab routines – Integrated into your training plan is your prehab (core, strength, mobility) so you stay injury free

Your weekly check-in – You receive a weekly check-in email and through the platform can ask questions, get feedback, etc. along the way

Optimize every run – You are taught not just what to do but how to do it and why you are doing it.

Fits with your life – The training plans are built to adapt as your fitness changes and with your life schedule, you can easily adjust each run to get optimal results and modify your plan when life requires.

Accountability – McMillan keeps you motivated and advancing. You’ll love the accountability of having your training easily laid out for each week and your coach and online teammates helping you stay on track for your goals.

Confidence and trust – McMillan training provides a purpose for each and every run as well as goal pace targets across your training plan. This builds your mind and your body and your confidence skyrockets for your race.