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McMillan Master Set


Out of stock

  • The full set of McMillan DVDs
  • Covering all aspects of training, racing, and coaching
  • Includes: 
      • Run with your Body; Race with your Mind
      • Drills for Distance Runners
      • Runners Core Routine
      • Greg McMillan- Personal Running Evaluation
      • Joe Vigil- Specific Phases in Training
      • Joe Vigil- 800m and 1500m Training
      • Scott Simmons- Breakthroughs: Contributing Factors for Success
      • Scott Simmons- An Alternative Approach to Using Altitude
      • Bill Aris- Developing a Championship High School Program
      • Renato Canova- The Training of Moses Mosop
      • Renato Canova- Methodological Priniciples Coaches Have to Use
      • Renato Canova- Development of Strength Endurance
      • Greg McMillan- The Training of Team USA Arizona
      • McMillan’s Guide to High School Cross Country


NOTE: Ships to US addresses only.

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