Marathon Legs Stage 2


“Marathon Legs” – The breakthrough strength training program to build durable, fatigue-resistant legs before your next big race.

In this unique program, McMillan Coach Angela Tieri guides you through this runner-friendly, 12-week strengthening plan that targets the muscles that fatigue late in half-marathons, marathons, triathlons and ultra/trail runs. You know the ones: the quads, hamstrings, calves, hips and feet.

Instead of shuffling to the finish line, imagine powering through those final miles. Sore after your long runs? No more! Coach Angela’s proven program is a true breakthrough in how to get the legs marathon ready without going to the gym, bulking up your legs, ruining your run training or requiring a lot of equipment. In fact, you just need your bodyweight, a 6-12 inch box or step, a short dowel or rope and hand towels or paper plates. I know! It’s really an amazing program.
Dovetailing with your run training, Marathon Legs gradually and steadily conditions the legs to the pounding of long distance running. Using “eccentric conditioning,” you get big results with very little fatigue.
Now available as a Final Surge structured workout training plan and can upload to your Garmin watch. Pair with a McMillan Training Plan for the ultimate preparation for your next race.
If you have a long race coming up, you owe it to yourself to get Marathon Legs.