Marathon 2.0 Level 1 (Novice) – 16 weeks


Have you gone through our McMillan Marathon Training Plan once, twice or maybe even three times? Now we have our latest version 2.0 Marathon Training Plan. Starting you out at bit higher volume and progressing through new workouts McMillan Certified Workouts.

Quick Facts:

-Length: 10-16 weeks
-Runs per week: 4
-Key/Hard Workouts per week: 1
-Cross-training days per week: 1-2
-Garmin Structured Workout Compatible
-McMillan Calculator paces integrated into all workouts
Weekly mileage = 20-35 miles per week (30-50 kilometers per week)*
*based on an average training pace of 12:00 min/mi (7:30 min/km)
NOTE: Each run includes a range of duration/distance and pace so actual mileage may vary.

Plan includes:

-Tried and true, scientifically-based and proven marathon workout sequence
-Goal pace predictor workouts to dial in your goal pace
-Progressive long runs to increase your endurance
-Stamina-boosting marathon specialty workouts
-Predictor workouts to determine your best pace for race day
-Gradual pace advancement through the training plan to keep you optimally challenged
-Workout swapping – flexibility to move runs around based on your life schedule
-Built-in injury prevention and strength training routines to perform in sync with your running workouts
-Form drills to improve your speed and efficiency


-Be able to run 40 minutes on your regular runs and at least 60 minutes on your long runs.

Need more weeks? Try these plans!

-Base Training Plan: adds up to 8 weeks (Recommended)
-Hill Module: adds up to 6 weeks (opt.)
-Speed Module: adds up to 6 weeks (opt.)
-Marathon Training Plan: 10-16 weeks (see above description)