Magic Mobility + Custom Strength Plan Bundle

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About Magic Mobility:

Modern life is tough on your body. If you’re like most runners, you sit too much, develop poor posture and get tight in all the wrong places. Then, you try to go out for a simple run but get frustrated when you feel like a creaky Tin Man.

Our muscles and tendons begin to lose strength and elasticity starting at age 30. It is critical that you work on the mobility to maintain proper posture and a long, flowing running stride, and combat the stiff joints that can come with aging. If you don’t use it, you lose it!

In this unique, year-long program, McMillan Coach Angela Tieri guides you through runner-specific mobility routines that help reverse what everyday life does to your body.

Each week, you’ll receive new online mobility sessions. These five-minute, follow-along classes target all of the spots where we get tight. Start today to return to your natural flowing (and fast!) running stride.

About a Custom Strength Training Plan: