High School Summer Training Plan Level 4


I fell in love with the sport as a high school cross country runner and I’ve loved working with high school runners during my coaching career.

This Level 4 training plan is ideal for an experienced and durable (not injury prone) high school runner, most likely an upper classman. Before starting the plan, you should be used to running 45-60 min on easy days and up to 75 minutes as your longest run. This plan includes 4-7 days of running per week along with recovery/cross-training days. Across the summer, you’ll work on 5 objectives: You’ll build your aerobic base with consistent mileage (with down weeks every 4th week to make sure you stay injury free) and long runs that will build to up to 90 minutes. You’ll also build your leg turnover and running form with leg speed workouts and my running form drills. Your stamina will improve with progression/fast finish runs and you’ll build an injury-proof body with my prehab routines. Lastly, you’ll build mental strength that you (and your team) can rely on during the season. The end result is that you are optimally prepared to begin your cross country-specific training once your season begins. Note: This program assumes you are returning to training after a break from the track season.