BQ 3:50 Marathon Training Plan Level 2


Quick Facts:

  • Length: 10-16 weeks
  • Runs per week: 3-5
  • Key/Hard Workouts per week: 1
  • Cross-training days per week: 1-2
  • Garmin Structured Workout Compatible
  • McMillan Calculator paces integrated into all workouts

Plan includes:

  • Tried and true, scientifically-based and proven BQ marathon workout sequence
  • Goal pace predictor workouts to dial in your goal pace
  • Progressive long runs to increase your endurance
  • Stamina-boosting BQ marathon specialty workouts
  • Predictor workouts to determine your best pace for race day
  • Gradual pace advancement through the training plan to keep you optimally challenged
  • Workout swapping – flexibility to move runs around based on your life schedule
  • Built-in injury prevention and strength training routines to perform in sync with your running workouts
  • Form drills to improve your speed and efficiency


  • Be able to run 30 minutes on your regular runs and at least 60 minutes on your long runs.

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