3HAB Pre-Run Routine


With the 3HAB Pre-Run Routine of the Week, you get a new, fun follow-along video routine each week focused on a different area of your body. It’s your prehab stretching, mobility, and strength training rolled into 3 simple movements that you can do before runs. Across the year, you’ll move from head to toe and back again and quickly notice a big difference in your runs.

Each routine takes less than 5 minutes to complete and works to mobilize, stretch and then activate the targeted body part. (You know you can invest 5 minutes to improve your running!)

Routines start with the foot and move up the body in 8-week cycles. After 8 weeks, you return to the foot and start the next level of exercises.

Do the routine then go for your run. Notice how much better your run feels. (Or, do it after your run as part of your cool-down.)