Continuing Education Credit – 100% [McMillan Coaching Summit Course 2023]


9 New Modules for Continuing Education Credit

Not only does completion count as full CEC for the year but also learn from experts in their field.

  • Session 1: Whoops! My Biggest Coaching Mistakes – Coach Greg McMillan
  • Session 2: Coaching As a Creative Art – Coach Katie McGee
  • Session 3: Training for Physiology vs. Training for Racing – Coach Greg McMillan
  • Session 4: Injury Extermination – Susie Matsumoto, DPT
  • Session 5: Plan Building Case Studies – McMillan Coaching Staff
  • Session 6: Biz Builder – Setup & Systems – Coach Greg McMillan/Coach Robert Pedersen
  • Session 7: Keynote Speaker – Coach Ben Rosario (NAZ Elite)
  • Session 8: Learning to Coach Ultra Runners – Coach James Bonnett
  • Session 9: Closing Remarks – Coach Greg McMillan

Satisfies your FULL Continuing Education Credit for the year



Science-Based Training vs. Race-Based Training

Hear the latest and find out how you can find the balance between what is all over the internet vs. what has been working for centuries from Coach Greg.

Injury Extermination

Learn beyond injury prevention and learn how you can help your athletes get over their injuries.

Learn from the Director of NAZ Elite

Find out the essentials of the coach/athlete relationships from youth to amateur to professional and how they all work together from Ben Rosario

Become an Expert at Coaching Ultras

James Bonnet walks you through every level of an ultra athlete and the best training for them.