100Mi. 5000-8000 ft. of Vert Level 5


This 100 mile 5000-8000 ft. of Vert training plan includes my tried and true, scientifically-based and proven workout sequence to give you the endurance and stamina that an ultra race demands.

You’ll improve your endurance with progressing long runs and progressive vert. I’ll have you run back to back long runs on many weekends so you get used to running on tired legs. I’ll have you do some test runs so you can try out your gear and nutrition plan and I’ll boost your stamina and running economy with my specialty workouts. As with all my plans, I’ll have you perform several race-specific workouts so you really dial in goal pace and you’ll do simulation runs over similar terrain as your race course. You will also have Vert specific runs where the goal of the run is to get in a certain amount of ft. rather than pace itself.

Before starting, you should be able to run 70-80 minutes on your regular runs and at least 150-180 minutes on your long runs with 1500-1800 ft. of Vert.

Weekly mileage = 68-120 miles per week (108-192 kilometers per week)*
*based on an average training pace of 7:00 min/mi (4:20 min/km)
NOTE: Each run includes a range of duration/distance and pace so actual mileage may vary.

For non-vert specific runs, I’ll provide the exact pace range for each run/workout (integrated from the McMillan Running Calculator) and will advance the paces as you progress through the training plan so you are always optimally challenged. I’m also making your plan really flexible so it can flow with your life. You can easily move runs around based on your life schedule.

In addition to the run training, I’m also going to have you perform our Strength Training routine that syncs with your run training as well as my form drills to help you improve your running form and learn to run fast. These “prehab” programs are included with your plan and build you into a strong, supple, injury-resistant runner.

Runs/Week: 6-7. Key/Hard Workouts/Week: 2-3.

Need more weeks? Suggested Training Cycle:
-Base Training Plan: adds up to 8 weeks
-Hill Module: adds up to 6 weeks (opt.)
-Stamina Module: adds up to 6 weeks (opt.)