5K Training Plans

Level 1 Novice

You’re new to running. You’ve never run before (or it’s been a long, long time) and/or you haven’t finished a race. But, you can run for at least 15 minutes on regular runs and up to 30 minutes for a long run. You’ll run 3 days per week in Level 1 plans and can use the Run/Walk method if continuous running seems too daunting.

Level 2 Novice/Intermediate

You’ve been focused on finishing races and now you want to finish faster. You run 3-5 days per week run and should be able to run at least 30 minutes for regular runs and at least 45 minutes for a long run. Level 2 plans may also include 1 specialty or “hard” workout per week.

Level 3 Intermediate

You have some experience with performance training plans and specialty workouts (like long runs, tempo runs, speed workouts, etc.). You run 4-6 days per week for at least 30-45 minutes with a long run of at least 60-75 minutes. In Level 3 plans, you’ll often run 1-2 specialty/hard workouts each week.

Level 4 Intermediate/Advanced

You’re a seasoned trainer/racer who runs 4-7 days per week for around 50-60 minutes per run and at least 90 minutes for your long run. Level 4 plans often include 1-2 hard workouts per week.

Level 5 Advanced

You’re a high volume, experienced trainer/racer who runs 5-7 days per week for around 60-80 minutes per run and at least 120 minutes for your long run. Level 5 plans often include 2 hard workouts per week plus a long run.


  • Upload to your smartwatch
  • Integrate McMillan paces
  • Goal pace evaluator workouts
  • Use pace, heart rate, power
  • Adjust to fit your schedule
  • Include strength/core routines
  • Offer volume and pace ranges to keep you injury-free

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