Prehab: No more injuries!


Do you struggle with injuries? Wish you were stronger and faster? You've come to the right place. Using our system of strength, mobility and prehab routines, you can beat the injury bug for good. You'll build a strong runner's body so you can train consistently and consistent training leads to faster racing. Let's get started!


I don't want you to get hurt ever again so I've put together the system of prehab routines that have helped my athletes beat the injury bug. At minimum, select Level 1 but if you're serious about building a fit, injury-free body, subscribe to our Prehab Bundle (and save 15%!).

Level 1: 3HAB Pre-Run

No time for prehab? Not anymore! With the 3HAB Pre-Run Routine of the Week, you get a new, fun follow-along video routine each week focused on a different area of your body. It’s your prehab stretching, mobility, and strength training rolled into 3 simple movements that you can do before runs. Across the year, for only $1 and a few minutes spent per week, you’ll move from head to toe and back again and quickly notice a big difference in your runs.


Level 2: Runner's Core Routine

Looking for a core routine that is fun, effective, time efficient and one that you'll actually do? You've come to the right place. After years of experimenting, I've hand-picked the safest exercises that produce the best results in the least amount of time. Then I created the perfect three stage core training system so you never get bored with the same routine and you keep the body progressing. The result? The McMillan Runner's Core Routine - my best-selling video series and best of all, access is less than 5 bucks for a full core training system.


Form Drills for Distance Runners

Tired of how you look in race photos? Want more power at the end of your races? Ready to avoid injury? You've come to the right place. After years of helping athletes with running form, I've produced an easy to follow routine that corrects form issues in just a few weeks. Performing this simple yet effective routine on a regular basis will improve your form and can be used to better prepare you for workouts and races. Start today to develop picture perfect running form.


Yoga Recovery for Runners

This routine is designed for use after your run or workout to allow the tissues to recover, re-lengthen, and achieve greater balance overall. We've even included a bonus 8 minute post-run quick stretch for those days when squeezing in a full-length routine just isn't possible. A little yoga goes a long way!


Runner's Strength Project

Coach Mat will walk you through his innovative runner's strength training system. That’s right. This is a system, not just a one-off exercise program. You’ll be guided from one level to the next over the coming weeks. Results will come quickly but just as run training takes time, Coach Mat designed this system to build from week to week and month to month. Get ready. You are about to become the strong, injury-proof runner you always wanted to be.


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They did it... YOU can too!

Angela S.

“This program has taken my body to a whole new level. I have worked with trainers in the past but Mat has totally upped my game and my body has changed for the best.”

Brittany G.

“In the past two years of running and strength I have exceeded all of my wildest expectations. I have lost significant body fat and am stronger than ever. Recently I crushed my half marathon PR by over 7 minutes.”

Diane H.

“Mat takes a holistic approach and recognizes that running and strength training must fit together. The fact that he understands both so well certainly makes a difference.”

Mike C.

“Since I Incorporated strength training into my run training I have run PR’s at every distance from the 5K to the marathon. My body fat is currently at my lifetime best of 13% and I am ready for a strong fall season.”