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From new runners in charity marathon groups to Boston qualifiers to Olympic marathoners, I’ve learned a thing or two over the last 30 years about training for and running your best marathon and I want to share it with you.

In this free webinar series, I’ll talk training, injury-prevention, nutrition, mental training, peaking and gear. You’ll also hear from several experts and some of your running heroes. You’ll learn my checklist for race weekend, insights on the logistics of race day and even my proven strategy for running your best marathon. Register for the webinars below. All webinars will be recorded and emailed to anyone registered. On your mark. Set. Go!


ESSENTIAL TRAINING: FOUR MONTHS TO GO! In this webinar, I’ll go into detail on the training you should be doing now to get ready for your best race. Lay the foundation now for a great race.

JUNE 19, 2019
(6pm PT, 9pm ET)**


RUNNER NUTRITION: In this webinar, we’ll dive deep into nutrition for runners. Eat right and you’ll perform better. This webinar will show you the way.

JULY 3, 2019
(6pm PT, 9pm ET)**


THE MEAT OF MARATHON TRAINING: THREE MONTHS TO GO! In this webinar, we get to the “meat” of your marathon training. It will be critical that you execute the marathon-specific workouts so you can handle the distance and have lots of power for the final few miles. Train right and you’ll nail your marathon.

JULY 19, 2019
(6pm PT, 9pm ET)**


MARATHON FUELING: Aside from training, the most common question for marathoners is, “What is the best race fueling strategy?” In this webinar, you’ll learn the most successful fueling and hydration strategies for the marathon.

AUGUST 7, 2019
(6pm PT, 9pm ET)**


ACHIEVING GOAL MARATHON FITNESS: TWO MONTHS TO GO! In this webinar, I’ll discuss how to get specifically ready for the marathon. A few key workouts can help you boost your fitness and dial in your goal pace.

AUGUST 21, 2019
(6pm PT, 9pm ET)**


FINAL TRAINING: ONE MONTH TO GO! In this webinar, I’ll discuss the final month of training, overview the best marathon race plan and give you my countdown to-do list so you’ll be fully prepared for marathon weekend.

SEPTEMBER 11, 2019
(6pm PT, 9pm ET)**


PEAKING: TWO WEEKS TO GO! In this webinar, let’s finalize the plans for the race. Let’s finish off all the hard work with a perfect peaking phase.

SEPTEMBER 25, 2019
(6pm PT, 9pm ET)**


RACE TIME! Are you ready? You bet you are! And in this webinar, I’ll give you the final pre-race strategy session that I use with my athletes and we’ll go through the final checklist before the BIG day.

OCTOBER 9, 2019
(6pm PT, 9pm ET)**

** Each webinar is recorded and you’ll receive a link to watch/re-watch it if you can’t make it for the live recording.


Each year, I help thousands of runners run their best marathons. If you’re running a marathon this fall, sign up below to get notified when I launch my Marathon 2019 training series. I know the marathon and I’m here to help you train your best (with webinars, training plans and Q&A sessions) then race your best (pre-race talk, shake out runs, race strategy sessions) on race day! Sign up today and let’s get marathon ready!

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