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In the past, runners ran mega miles to condition their legs but that’s not realistic for most of us. Marathon Legs solves the problem! You get bullet-proof legs without having to run mega miles.

What research and our own testing has found, however, is that if you do eccentric loading exercises in a smart, targeted and progressive way, you can actually make the muscles resistant to this muscle damage. That means that your legs aren’t damaged, tired and “dead” at the end of your races. You are now strong enough to handle your race pace for the entire race.

In this unique program, McMillan Coach Angela Tieri guides you through this runner-friendly, 12-week strengthening plan that targets the muscles that fatigue late in half-marathons, marathons, triathlons, and ultra/trail runs. You know the ones: the quads, hamstrings, calves, hips, and feet. Instead of shuffling to the finish line, imagine powering through those final miles.


LATE RACE FADE … You’re on pace but towards the end of the race, then you fade. You can’t hold the pace. You’ve tried different strategies (starting slower, etc.) but nothing works! (And you miss your goal time – sometimes the coveted BQ – yet again.)

FUELED BUT STILL HITTING THE WALL … You know you are fueling correctly but no matter what you try, you still hit the wall. It can’t be nutrition. It must be something else.

NO SPRING IN YOUR STRIDE. JUST THE DREADED SHUFFLE … Dead legs. You want to run faster late in your race but you just have no bounce, no power. Your legs are just flat and tired.

DOWNHILL DAMAGE … You’d think running a downhill course like Boston would be super fast. Instead, you are toast by the top of Heartbreak Hill and never truly enjoy a fast finish along Boylston Street.

CRAMPS! WHY ME?! … You do fine in training but for some reason, in a race, you cramp up. Why?! It’s heart-breaking to be fit and ready and get mysterious cramps that ruin your race.

If these sound familiar, don’t worry – we have the fix! We spent the last 5 years developing, testing, refining and retesting the Marathon Legs program and it is our mission to help you power to the finish line with a strong, powerful stride (and a big smile on your face).


Featuring the breakthrough strength training program to build durable, fatigue-resistant legs without having to run mega miles.


Marathon Legs utilizes the concept of “eccentric loading.” An eccentric contraction is where the muscle is lengthening as it’s contracting. Think of lowering a dumbbell slowly. In running, there are a lot of eccentric contractions and with long (and particularly downhill) races, the muscles literally get torn apart due to the total stress on the muscle tissue. These micro-traumas are why you see marathoners hobbling around the day after the race. Their muscles are riddled with damage.

With Marathon Legs, you’ll perform two Marathon Legs routines per week. Each routine includes 6 exercises and the total routine takes less than 10 minutes. Across the 12-week program, Coach Angela provides new routines as your legs grow more durable. Best of all, NO GYM EQUIPMENT IS NECESSARY.

Marathon Legs Was Designed to Solve the 5 Most Common Challenges that Our Community of nearly 1 Million Runners from 6 Continents is dealing with in long races.

For less than the entry to a 5K, you can build the specific leg strength you need to handle your next half-marathon, marathon, triathlon, trail run or ultra.

Special Introductory Price of $29.95

No gym required

This program uses “progressive overload” and continually changing exercises to get your legs stronger and more resilient to fatigue and injury. In the past runners had to log big miles or lift heavy weights to get the same result, but with this innovative new program your body IS the equipment! No messing with barbells, no making time to slog to the gym. Get stronger at home with no more excuses. Get stronger without messing up your marathon training. Get stronger to crush your next race!

Finish Stronger with Marathon Legs

More Power!

Fix the fade for good and enjoy your new powerful stride all the way to the finish line. Finally hit your dream times, get that coveted BQ and fly to the finish!

Bullet-Proof Legs

Muscle damage is robbing you of your performance. Marathon Legs is the revolutionary strength-training program that bullet-proofs your legs against the muscle damage that can happen late in races.

No More Cramping

Mysterious cramping in racing, the ones that can't be explained by nutrition, is often caused from muscle fatigue and the brain's concern you are going to hurt yourself. Marathon Legs solves this problem!

Your Next Step

  • After signing up, you’ll receive an email with the link to the Marathon Legs routines.
  • Simply click the link and you’ll begin with Weeks 1 & 2 – the first group of Marathon Legs exercises.
  • Each exercise has includes a video as well as the number of sets, repetitions/time.
  • Each routine takes less than 10 minutes to complete and works to mobilize, activate and strengthen key running muscles that fatigue late in races. (You know you can invest 10 minutes, twice per week to improve your running!)
  • Complete the first group of exercises then follow the sequence all the way to your race. Notice how you handle training better. Notice how you aren’t sore after long runs and workouts. Notice how you now have more power late in workouts and race.
  • For the next 12 weeks, Coach Angela will progress your training load as you get stronger. You’ll love having a running-focused personal trainer guiding your workouts. How cool is that?!
  • Each workout contains a mobility exercise to prep the body for upcoming movements. The plyometric exercises teach the body to absorb force, which translates to faster running. And the lower body and core exercises increase the power of your engine.
  • 12 Weeks. One new you in less than 10 minutes per session. You will power through those final miles!

Want to avoid the late race fade?
12 weeks. Less than 10 minutes per session.
Marathon Legs is for you.
Let’s get started.

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Special Introductory Price of $29.95

Have a question? We’re here to help. Contact us.

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