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Race an ultramarathon

Going long? We can help. Coach Ian Torrence is a legend in the ultra world and loves sharing his expertise with athletes just like you. These articles, DVDs, training programs and camps can help your ultra experience go smoothly and safely.


McMillan Running offers two coaching options to help you train smarter and run faster.

Training Plans: Tired of blindly following a generic training program from a book or the internet? Wish you had something created just for you a world-class coach? I'm happy to now offer a fully personalized training program based on your needs and for whatever race distance you need. Cookie-cutter programs just aren't good enough for you. You deserve the best and I look forward to creating your program for you. Learn more

Personal Coaching: As a competitive runner, you deserve the personal attention and expert training advice that even the world's best athletes receive. Head Coach Greg McMillan and his coaching staff provide individualized, expert coaching that helps you achieve your goals and learn more about yourself and the training process at the same time. Personal Coaching is the ultimate with unlimited calls, emails or Skype conferences. We're with you every step of the way! Learn more


Join us in the running mecca of Flagstaff, Arizona for the running experience of a lifetime! We offer camps for adult runners and high school athletes. At each camp, you

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