Maximize your speed and efficiency. Minimize injury risk.

ANALYZE gait mechanics
✅ MOBILIZE your joints, tendons, muscles
ACTIVATE your nervous system
INTEGRATE customized running form and technique
Our novel and proven process has allowed us to help numerous athletes just like you reach and surpass their goals.
These proven, simple methods are designed to fit perfectly into your busy schedule to help you run pain-free and take your performance to an entirely new level.


Detailed Gait Analysis & Personalized Technique Coaching Provides:
  1. In-depth gait analysis to discover what’s holding your run back

  2. A personalized 4-week plan with a customized pre-run routine that includes the mobilization and activation exercises you need to prime your body

  3. Tailored running form drills that transform your technique

  4. Perform at your peak and be ready to PR in your next race

Special Introductory Price of $399

Research-based. Scientifically proven. Results driven.

If you’ve ever been frustrated that you’re not running at a level you know you can get to, or maybe you’ve hit a plateau in your training…
Or if you’ve been wanting to increase your mileage safely without injury holding you back..
The McMillan Running Gait Analysis (provided by our partners Athletic Kinetics) is where runners find the solutions they seek and FINALLY get the results they’ve been pushing for.
Our research-based methods are why so many runners have trusted us to guide them to their goals!

Maximize your speed and efficiency. Minimize injury risk.

Unlock your potential

Unlock your potential as a runner.

Maximize Speed & Efficiency.

Minimize Injury Risk.

Your Next Step

  • After signing up, you’ll receive an email with a link to your questionnaire and video analysis instructions.

  • Athletic Kinetics running biomechanics experts will review your data and create the right plan for you.

  • You will receive a pre run routine and form correction drills that are specific to you and your running mechanics.

  • Your tailored routine will be quick, effective, and make you a faster and more efficient runner.

Reverse poor mechanics and fix your restricted stride.
Let’s get started.

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Special Introductory Price of $399!

Have a question? We’re here to help. Contact us.