Win the battle between the ears & breakthrough to a new level


Runners know that the ultimate competitor is yourself. If you can just harness the power of the mind, you will run stronger and faster. You will compete better in races and really get the best from yourself. Dr. Stan Beecham, the sport psychologist of Greg's Olympic Development Team, helps you change your thinking, unlock your potential and take your running to the next level.

Are you ready to finally tap into your best you? Learn the concepts, apply them and run better than you have in years!

“I thought I was mentally strong but never realized the power that was untapped. In this video, Dr. Stan quickly and easily showed me how to set better goals, get into an optimal mindset and ultimately, get the most from myself in training and racing.” Carl L.


Absolutely, without a doubt, YES!

Often runners are hesitant to learn about mental training, thinking that performance is just about the physical training. In reality, high performers think differently than low performers, even if they do the same physical training. Dr. Stan’s teachings are for ALL LEVELS, so no matter where you’re starting, you’re sure to discover mental advantages that can help you breakthrough. Are you ready for a new and improved YOU?

Set Better Goals, Harness Your Mind and Run Stronger!

Running is a full body/mind experience. Get both ready and you can run faster than you ever thought possible. It really comes down to, just like in run training, understanding how to condition the mind, obtain an optimal mindset and then use Dr. Stan’s strategies to run your best race.

Lucky for you, Run with Your Body; Race with Your Mind is available to stream right from our website to all of your devices. When you join today, you can immediately get started on your new mental approach to training!

Understand goal setting.
Get rid of performance-killing mental mistakes.
Gain the power and focus needed to race faster.

About Run with Your Body; Race with Your Mind

Peak performance involves a fit body and a fit mind. Get both right and you can perform your absolute best on race day.

In Run with Your Body; Race with Your Mind, top-level sport psychologist Dr. Stan Beecham offers an implementable and maintainable way to achieve the right mental state for your best training and racing. And, it’s easier than you think.

Dr. Stan covers:

Goal Setting: Are you selling yourself short?

How to race your race, not just run your race. Get your mind in an optimal state and you will shave seconds, even minutes, off your times.

Overcome mental barriers. Elite performers think differently. Learn how they think and how you can tap into a peak performance mindset.

Whether you’re a new runner, high school runner or coach, age grouper or elite athlete, Run with Your Body; Race with Your Mind is a must-have resource for reaching your full potential.


About Dr. Stan Beecham

Dr. Stan Beecham is a sport psychology consultant and director and founding member of the Leadership Resource Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Greg McMillan hired Dr. Stan to work with his Olympic Development Team and Dr. Stan continues to work with collegiate, Olympic, and professional athletes from many sports. This work has afforded him an insight into the minds of great competitors that only few have had the good fortune to gain.


Q: How much does the video cost?

A: Run with Your Body; Race with your Mind costs $9.99 USD.

Q: How long is the video?

A: One hour two minutes

Q: How do I access the video?

A: After purchase, you receive an email with the secure link to the video.

Q: Can I download the video?

A: No. The video is streaming only.

Q: Are there any other fees?

A: No. You just pay $9.99.

Q: Can I get it on DVD?

A: No.

Q: Can I watch it on my tablet?

A: Yes. The video is available on all devices.

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