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The Best 5K Workout

I love the 5K. It’s such a great race, requiring speed and stamina plus a hefty dose of racing IQ and mental toughness to run your best. And I’ve been lucky. I’ve coached 5K runners running just over 13 minutes as well as runners for whom finishing 3.1 miles never seemed possible.  (Plus, I’ve even…
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The Best 10K Workout

PLUS THE BUILDUP TO THE ULTIMATE WORKOUT After running countless 10Ks and coaching runners who have run countless more, I’ve found one workout to be the absolute best to prepare you for the distance. It’s not an easy workout and you probably can’t do it right away, so you’ll need to build up to it…
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The Marathon Long Run

Ahh, the marathon long run. What a worrisome thing for most runners. And for good reason, the long run is such a crucial part of marathon training. I don’t think there’s any other race distance where one single workout plays such a large part in the success or failure of the race. As a result,…
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