2020 Boston Webinar Series


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Three Months To Go Until Boston!

If you have questions, either during the webinar or while watching the replay, just post them as a comment below and I’ll answer them as quickly as I can.


The Heart & Soul of Your Boston Training

Bonus Webinar: Amby Burfoot!

Webinar Resources:

The Marathon Long Run – You learn about the two essentials types of long runs for marathoners.

Long Run How-To Video – More detail on the fast finish long run.

Speed Work for Marathoners – Add some fast running to your marathon training.

The McMillan Running Calculator – Insert your tune-up race results to predict your marathon time.

Fueling Strategies for the Marathon – Learn about the 3 common types of marathon fueling routines.

5 Proven Marathon Long Runs – Includes the recommend Squire’s long run.

3 Great Marathon Predictor Workouts – Details on how to run a Yasso 800 workout.

Progression Runs – Full detail on different types of progression runs.

The McMillan Boston Training Series – This series of articles walks you through my training for Boston.

McMillan Boston Training Plans – I built my downhill marathon plans specifically for the unique Boston course. Access them via the McMillan Run Team (free trial here).


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